Gay YouTuber Tyler Oakley wants to ‘choke’ his younger self and we’re kinda here for the self-love

Tyler Oakley 10 years ago and now.

Tyler Oakley says that his 20-year-old self “would want 30-year-old me to choke him and that’s what we call self-love”.

We’ve all heard of boyfriend twins, but wanting to be the sub to your future self’s dom? A concept!

That’s pretty much what YouTuber Tyler Oakley proposed on Twitter (where else?) when he revealed his burning self-thirst.

Twitter followers were here for the narcissism.

With some applauding Oakley’s refusal to be restricted by the boundaries of space-time.

There were, of course, those who were confused.

With a number simply unimpressed…

…including Drag Race royalty Trixie Mattel.

One follower pointed out that in 2020, there is no sexual scenario that hasn’t already been committed to porn.

Oakley made his confession after being nominated in the (unofficial) Twitter Sweetheart Pageant, as announced by comedian Phillip Henry.

Sadly for the YouTuber, he lost the LA regional sweetheart category to Pose actor Johnny Sibilly.