Juno Dawson and Cambell Kenneford to appear at Britain’s first festival devoted to the trans and non-binary community

First UK festival devoted to trans and non-binary community to take place

The first festival in Britain entirely devoted to trans, non-binary and gender-nonconforming people is gearing up to set-up stalls and hoist flags ahead of its February 8 launch.

With a vibrant array of trans speakers – including Juno Dawson – the Trans Festival is billed as a “chance to celebrate ourselves and each-other”.

Bar Langley, a bar tucked in the bustle of London’s Covent Garden, will be transformed with blue, pink and white-striped flags and shop kiosks, including gender-neutral make-up brand Jecca Blac and trans lingerie brand, Carmen Liu.

What will Trans Festival consist of?

Dotted throughout the day will be several speakers, including Cambell Kenneford, a model who will discuss her journey navigating the fashion industry as a trans woman as well as her relationship to style.

Dawson will later deliver a moving speech titled ‘My Journey of Being Me’, with Gem Allsworth’s comedy set afterwards.

Ending the day will be a makeover slot with Jecca Blac founder, Jessica Blackler.

Mermaids, the UK’s sole charity dedicated to supporting trans and non-binary youth, will be at the event, as will the London Transgender Clinic, offering festival-goers advice and guidance.

Further details of the festival, such as more panelist annocuemenls and what brands will be popping up throughout the day, will be announced on the Jecca Blac Instagram page.

Trans Festival comes after the capital hosted the first ever trans Pride march, a historical moment that saw thousands pack the pavement of London to show support for the community.