Halsey accidentally called for another 9/11 while trying to shade a review of her new album

Halsey at a basketball game, looking worried

Singer-songwriter and bisexual icon Halsey apologised profusely after unintentionally calling for a second 9/11.

Halsey suffered one of the worst Twitter blunders in recent memory when she tried to throw shade at Pitchfork over a middling review of her new album.

The infamously pop-averse site gave Maniac a 6.5, citing “the tedium of modern pop… painfully stretched ballads [and] overly sanitized rhythms”.

In response Halsey tweeted: “Can the basement that they run p*tchfork out of just collapse already.”

As a number of followers noted, Pitchfork is run not out of a basement, but in the Condé Nast offices at One World Trade Center, which stands on the site of the 9/11 atrocities.

Halsey, obviously oblivious to this fact until it was pointed out, swiftly deleted the tweet and posted a heartfelt apology.

“ABSOLUTELY deleted it upon realising this,” she wrote in another now-deleted tweet.

“Was just trying to make a joke! Intended zero harm. Just figured I could poke at them back with the same aloof passive aggression they poke at artists with! Clearly a misunderstanding <3.”

Fortunately, fans saw the funny side of Halsey’s error.

Halsey releases Maniac a year after ‘all hell broke loose’.

Maniac, Halsey’s third album, arrives more than a year after the release of its number one lead single ‘Without Me.’

The singer recently revealed that “all hell broke loose” after she performed the track with a female dancer on the 2018 final of The Voice.

“People were going, ‘What is this lesbian garbage on my TV?’” she told The Sunday Times.

“My phone number leaked, my email leaked. People were texting me things like, ‘I’m going to rape you straight.’ Heinous stuff.”