Katie Hopkins’ Twitter account has finally been suspended and, honestly, you love to see it

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has been suspended from Twitter after an intervention by an anti-online hate group and Countdown host Rachel Riley.

Twitter confirmed to PinkNews that Hopkins has been temporarily locked out of her account for violating its rules on hateful conduct.

The policy explicitly ban the promotion of violence, direct attacks or threats against people on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion or disability.

Hopkins regularly uses her Twitter account to take shots at LGBT+ people, refugees, Black and Muslim people – basically anybody who isn’t white, cis, straight and/or Donald Trump.

Katie Hopkins’ Twitter account cleared.

As of January 30 all of Hopkins’ tweets appear to have been deleted, save for a single retweet of a critic accusing her of inciting racial hatred. It isn’t clear whether Twitter or Hopkins cleared the feed.

A Twitter spokesperson told PinkNews: “Keeping Twitter safe is a top priority for us – abuse and harassment have no place on the service.

“We take enforcement action against any account that is violative of our rules – which includes violations of our hateful conduct policy and abusive behaviour policy. These rules apply to everyone using our service – regardless of the account involved.”

The former Apprentice contestant had her account suspended after Twitter representatives met with the Centre for Countering Digital Hate.

The group’s CEO Imran Ahmed said he was “pleased that preliminary action appears to have been taken by Twitter following productive discussions with Twitter’s UK office”, describing Hopkins as an “identity-based hate actor”.

We hope they now remove her from their platform and continue to demonstrate the will to act.

Ahmed said in a statement that there is “a long road ahead before social media is made safe for dialogue, information exchange and the formation and maintenance of relationships”.

“The fact parents are so hesitant and fearful of allowing children onto social media platforms shows how toxic many of these environments have become.

“We believe social media can empower the world to be even better, but handing megaphones to hate actors is irresponsible and dangerous.”

Countdown host and anti-hate campaigner Rachel Riley was also present for the meeting and said she was “pleased to see that action appears to have been taken”.

Hopkins whined about being ‘unemployable’ because of her offensive opinions.

In November 2019, Hopkins complained that her offensive opinions had left her “unemployable,” and revealed she had been forced to sell a £1 million home to pay legal costs relating to a case won by the queer poverty campaigner Jack Monroe.

In 2017, she left a job a LBC radio after calling for a “final solution” in the wake of the Manchester Arena terror attack. The term was used by the Nazis to refer to the Holocaust. Shortly after, she stopped writing a lucrative Daily Mail column “by mutual consent”.

PinkNews has contacted Katie Hopkins’ representatives for comment.