The UK’s first ever Muslim LGBT+ Pride festival is finally happening

A photo from the UK's first ever Muslim LGBT Pride festival showing a Muslim man holding his hand out to the crowd lining the streets

LGBT+ Muslim group Imaan has set the date for the UK’s first ever Muslim Pride festival.

The event will take place in London on Saturday, April 11, the group announced on social media.

Imaan announced: “It’s happening! We’ve set the date for the first EVER Muslim Pride event. Tickets go on sale in two weeks!”

The event will take place in London at an as-yet-unannounced venue.

Muslim Pride will bring together who face homophobic, transphobic and Islamophobic abuse for being themselves.

The group has put calls out for queer Arab speakers, well-being practitioners and service providers interested in taking part in panel discussions.

People from across the LGBT+ community gave money to make the event happen, with a crowdfunding campaign raising £10,000 to help fund it.

Imaan said: “We as LGBTQI Muslims often find ourselves isolated, without community and frequently facing homophobic, biphobic, transphobic AND Islamaphobic abuse.

“The event will build on the incredible events we organised in the past and feature panels, discussions, speakers, arts, culture and history – a first for LGBTQI Muslims.”

Queer Muslims are often ‘caught in the middle’.

A spokesperson told PinkNews previously: “Often LGBTQI Muslims are caught in the middle of Islamophobia and homophobia, so we want to provide a safe and inclusive space where people feel like they do not have to choose between identities and that they can be LGBTQI and Muslim without pressure from those who say otherwise.”

The group extended an invite to newly-out queer actress Jameela Jamil, who is from a half-Pakistani family but is not a Muslim, to attend.

Imaan tweeted: “Wanna be involved in the first #MuslimPride? #JameelaJamil ?”

The charity previously linked a rise in hate crimes in the UK to protests against LGBT+ inclusive education, which were sparked in Birmingham’s Muslim community.

“We are well aware of the intersection that we as LGBT Muslims are in and do our best to support those who are LGBT and of faith,” a spokesperson named Faizan said.

The UK's first ever Muslim LGBT Pride festival is happening

The UK’s first LGBT+ Muslim Pride festival will take place in April

“We walked the Pride parade in Birmingham this year and we have contacts on the ground who have been keeping us informed on everything going on with No Outsiders.

“These spikes in hate crimes show what happens when there is a lack of understanding and LGBT Muslims have been forced into the middle. It is ridiculous that this is what happens.”