Lady Gaga just proposed to herself to make a powerful statement about love and Valentine’s Day

Lady Gaga

While the world is still waiting for her unreleased single “Stupid Love”, Lady Gaga has proposed to herself on Valentine’s Day.

2020 is a leap year and on February 29, otherwise known as “Bachelor’s Day”, outdated tradition dictates that a woman is “allowed” to propose to a man.

But Gaga opted to “give tradition the finger” by proposing to herself with an elaborate ring worn on her middle finger. She has not yet confirmed whether she considers herself self-partnered.

The giant “Knight’s Finger” ring was created as part of a collaboration between payment provider Klarna and celebrity stylist Bea Åkerlund.

Lady Gaga said: “For my entire career, I’ve taken pride in using my voice to stand up for what I believe is right. So I am excited to work with my friend Bea and Klarna to celebrate how far we’ve come as a culture, and call out the work we need to continue to do.

“The idea that a woman can only propose to a man one day every four years is so completely ridiculous! Anyone who knows me knows that I believe any person of any gender identity should be able to express any act of love to anyone else on ANY day of ANY year.

“So in an act of defiance of this outdated tradition, I decided to say yes to MYSELF!”

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga proposed to herself with the “Knight’s Finger” ring. (Klarna)

Valentine’s Day 2020 now marks the beginning of Gaga’s third engagement, and it appears a pattern might be emerging.

The “Poker Face” singer also got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2015 to actor Taylor Kinney, but the couple broke up just over a year later.

In November 2017, she got engaged again, this time to Christian Carino. Unfortunately they also later broke off the engagement.

Lady Gaga added that she would wear her new engagement ring with “pride to remind myself and everyone that the only permission you need to love comes from within you”.

Despite the frantic attempts of the gay lobby, the singer has repeatedly refused to officially release, or even sing, her single ‘Stupid Love’ which was leaked last month.

This month, designer Christian Cowan used the song to close his Fall/Winter 2020/21 show in New York. According to a screenshot of an exchange with the designer and a friend, Cowan claimed he thought the song had already come out.