New Lady Gaga song ‘Free Woman’ leaks and it looks like Chromatica might be about to save pop music

A three minute and 21 second-long "demo version" of "Free Woman", from the upcoming Lady Gaga album Chromatica, has leaked online. (Twitter)

Lady Gaga “Free Woman” leaked on Twitter Thursday night (May 7) and it looks like Chromatica might be about to save pop music after all.

For years, Lady Gaga fans have tossed and turned in bed. Unable to sleep soundly.

Questions rattled around their minds – When will Gaga release new music? Will it be good? Please, don’t let it be Joanne 2.0.

But for the first time in a long time, Little Monsters slept well last night after a leak of “Free Woman” from the singer’s sixth studio album Chromatica appeared to circulate across Twitter.

“Lady Gaga” immediately catapulted into the top 10 of Twitter Worldwide Trends.

And as tweets quickly began to vanish due to “copyright” reasons, likely at the hand of Gaga’s recording studio Interscope, a download of the song immediately became a hot commodity.

Lady Gaga Chromatica song ‘Free Woman’ leaks.

Considering that a fabled “leak” of a song is an almost daily occurrence at this point, some fans were hesitant about getting their long-eroded hopes up.

Other users showed that, deep down, the best thing a Gaga stan can be is a clown. A beautiful little clown. 

And let’s not kid ourselves.

We are all “b****es”.

The song was quickly transcribed.


Ultimately, fans abraded by the throes of the coronavirus pandemic showed that, above all, they are fully ready for the May 29 release of Chromatica.

What is ‘Free Woman’ about?

Gaga first alluded to the song in a PAPER magazine interview.

“In 2020, what does it mean to be a free woman?” she asked.

“Can I feel free on my own? Do I need to be loved in order to feel like I’ve conquered it all?”

Journalist Justin Moran noted that the question prompted “a song that answers this question and sees her challenging the need to be with a man — or anyone at all — in order to survive.”

Gaga continued: “It [the song] came from thinking on some days I was going to die. I was like: ‘I’m going to die soon, so I better say something important.’

“Now I listen to it and know that I’m going to live.”

The song was later confirmed after Gaga released the official tracklist.