This model’s reply when someone asked the gender of her baby is so perfect it belongs in the Louvre

Jodie Turner-Smith. (Rich Fury/Getty Images)

When British model Jodie Turner-Smith was asked about the gender of her baby, she delivered a line so perfect, so beautiful, that it should be the norm in all parenting manuals.

During a brief Twitter questions and answers session Wednesday, the actor’s mentions were crammed by expectant parents, asking on everything from nausea to how mentally prepared she was to get pregnant.

But one user lasered in on the all important question to the Queen and Slim star: Do you know the gender [of your baby]?”

What did Jodie Turner-Smith say?

It’s a standard question so potent in its social power that entire ritualistic parties are thrown by people hooked on slapping a label on the genitals of their children-to-be and defining their child’s life.


When asked by the user, Turner-Smith, like the queen she is, gracefully replied: “I know what sex organs my child has.

“But, of course, I don’t know what they may say their gender is! I’m excited to see who they reveal themselves to be.”

Leading the way in inclusive parenting.

Coming in the same week that Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade shared social media posts supporting their daughter Zaya, who is trans, Turner-Smith’s is a reminder to let children discover their own identities, rather than guardians and parents prescribing them.

Zaya later delivered some home truths while her mother drove a golf buggy in an adorable video.

Casually discussing her dysphoria with her father, Zaya asks: “What’s the point in being on this Earth if you’re going to try to be someone you’re not?

“It’s like you’re not even living as yourself, which is the dumbest concept to me… Just be true and don’t really care what the stereotypical way of being is.”

“Even when people are being mean, even when people are getting hurt because they’re trying to be themselves?” Wade said. “Even through that, you still want people to make sure that they live their truth?”

“Yeah, I know that it can get tough, definitely, but I think you push through and be the best you,” Zaya replied. She noted that although times have become more accepting there are many people who are still set in their ways, but “you’ve gotta just push through.”