Tyra Banks’ bizarre and chaotic 2008 interview with Beyoncé is finally getting the attention it deserves

Tyra Banks is "sorry, not sorry" after her 2008 interview with Beyoncé went viral in 2020. (Screen captures via Twitter)

The year 2008 was a strange time, clogged by Blackberry mobiles, shutter shades, the Juno soundtrack and The Tyra Banks Show.

But one slot of the show that was in no way appreciated at the time for its religious significance was when the former model interviewed Beyoncé.

Banks called herself “cray-cray” after the decades-old interview resurfaced last week on Twitter.

What is going oncé with Tyra Banks and Beyoncé?

In the recording, the retired Victoria’s Secret angel asked Beyoncé some rapid fire questions for a “different” kind of interview.

“Buy-yoncé, when was the last time you bought something in a store?” Banks began.

The clip then cuts through to each of the quick questions, where she apparently bulk-bought a bunch off Beyoncé puns which have been written in full, so you too can be plunged into insidious madness.

“Seanc-é, if you could communicate with anybody who’s passed away, who would it be?

“Brie-yoncé, what’s your favourite type of cheese?

“Grey-yoncé, as you get older, are you going to dye your hair?

“Clay-oncé, have you ever voted on American Idol?

Tyra Banks went all Crayoncé during a chat with Beyoncé in 2008. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Tyra Banks went all Crayoncé during a chat with Beyoncé in 2008. (Screen captures via Twitter)

“Slosha Fierce, when was the last time you was a little tipsy?

“Squasha Firece, what sport do you like to play?

“Hasha Fierce, who’s your favourite Spice [Girl]?

“Washa Fierce, do you sing in the shower?

“Josha Fierce, which Josh do you think is sexier?”

The musician is then shown two photographs off actors Josh Brolin and Josh Lucas; 2008 just leapt out!

“If I were Ahoy, I know that you like to take vocations on boats…

“If I were Tolstoy, can you do a Russian accent?

Beyoncè sat down with Banks to promote her then new album, I am… Sasha Fierce, with the chat jumping back into the relevancy it deserves after a Twitter user shared the clip on February 11.

Banks’ candid response drew more than 16,600 likes, although, not saying Crayoncé?

Missed opportunity of the century, to be honest.

Thanks for reading. Goodbyoncé!