Tyra Banks’ embarrassing resurfaced Beyoncé interview takes cringe to a whole new level

Tyra Banks and Beyoncé

A resurfaced The Tyra Banks Show interview with Beyoncé has gone viral for all the wrong reasons – and fans think it may be the reason the superstar doesn’t do interviews anymore.

Beyoncé appeared on the supermodel’s talk show in 2008 to promote her third solo album I Am… Sasha Fierce, but instead of being asked about her work, was greeted with a series of cringeworthy, pun-filled questions.

In the clip, a giddy Tyra Banks asks Beyoncé questions themed on words that rhyme with her name which – as you can imagine – gets really awkward, really fast.

Among the, er, highlights: “Séa-yoncé – If you could communicate with anybody that has passed away, who would it be?”

“Brie-yoncé – What’s you favourite cheese?”

“Grey-yoncé – When you get older, are you going to dye your hair?”

And it didn’t stop there. Banks moved the puns from Beyoncé’s name to the album title, asking:

“Squash-a Fierce – What sport do you like to play?”

“Wash-a Fierce – Do you sing in the shower?”

Superstars like Beyoncé get asked the same questions hundreds of times, but it’s unclear whether Banks’ cringe-worthy inquisition was any better than what she’d heard before.

Somehow, things went from worse to – whatever this is – as Banks started riffing on Beyoncé’s smash hit “If I Were A Boy” with: “If I were Tolstoy – Can you do a Russian accent?”

The clip left fans amused and mortified in equal measure.

“Lmaooo this went FAR TOO LONG!!! Bey was TIREDT!!!”, one wrote, with another joking that: “She was Tiredoncé”.

Some submitted their own questions, following Banks’ rhyming theme:

Others reiterated just how ‘over it’ Beyoncé actually looked.

As Beyoncé’s star has risen, she’s become notoriously private and rarely gives interviews.

When she does, the star chooses her collaborators carefully – as she did when she gave British Vogue editor Edward Enninnful a rare sit-down to discuss her new album Renaissance.

Our guess is that if The Tyra Banks Show gets a reboot, it won’t be getting a call from Queen B.