Gay teacher brutally beaten and threatened with a knife by student’s parent in traumatising attack

(Photo by RODGER BOSCH/AFP/GettyImages)

A newly employed teacher was left “emotionally broken” after the parent of a pupil threatened to stab him because he is gay.

Thando Dyamara IS a teacher at the Masakheke Combined School in Cape Town, South Africa.

The incident occurred last weekend off school grounds after he attempted to reprimand a student for spouting a homophobic slur towards him, IOL reported.

What happened to the gay teacher?

“I heard a child calling me a moffie [African slang for an effeminate, gay man], and I went to reprimand him,” the Robertson local said.

“I later went to report the incident to his parents, and was met by his mother who was rude and shouted at me.

“She said her husband would deal with me,” Dyamara said.

“I called the police to report a case of discrimination. Her husband appeared out of nowhere and smacked me with an open palm.

He repeatedly attacked me with a fist, and at that time, I was defenceless.

Dyamara continued: “The husband took out a knife and wanted to stab me. If my friend was not there it would have been a different story.

“Members of the LGBTI+ community are not given the respect they need and deserve.

“The community, even though it is diverse, needs to respect gay people.”

A group of people from the gay, lesbian and transgender community in South Africa demonstrate outside the Parliament in Cape Town, on May 19, 2012. The protesters gathered to oppose the proposal by the House of Traditional Leaders to remove the term "sexual orientation" from section 9 (3) of the South African Constitution, which prohibits unfair discrimination. AFP PHOTO / RODGER BOSCH (Photo credit should read RODGER BOSCH/AFP/GettyImages)

LGBT rights protesters in Cape Town (RODGER BOSCH/AFP/GETTY)

Dyamara alleged that the parent is a former member of the student governing body.

IOL reached out to the body for comment, in which a spokesperson said that, as the incident took place off school premises, it is out of their control.

“The teacher has opened a case against the man,” the spokesperson said.

“For emphasis, the man is no longer a member of the [school governing body], as he resigned. We, as the Masakheke [school governing body], condemn the alleged incident.

“We can offer emotional support to the teacher, because although it happened outside the school premises, it affects the school.

“Once a teacher is emotionally broken, he can be a danger to himself and to the learners.”

School officials also confirmed they were informed of the incident.

“The department cannot confirm what was said between the children, parents and the educator, as it was outside of the school,” a provincial education department spokesperson said.

Moreover local law enforcement described the incident as “common” and that the assault was being investigated.

No arrests have been made.