Phillip Schofield shares adorable selfie with his wife during family trip to Paris

Phillip Schofield smiling with his wife Stephanie / posing with their daughters in front of a red love heart

Phillip Schofield shared a selfie with his wife Stephanie Lowe as the pair joined their two daughters for a family holiday, two weeks after he came out as gay.

The ITV presenter and his wife of 27 years smiled in front of the Eiffel tower as they enjoyed some time away as a family.

He posted the selfie to his Instagram stories on Thursday, February 20, along with a picture of the pair with their two daughters, Molly and Ruby, in front of a Valentine’s Day display.

Schofield is currently taking his regular half-term break from This Morning, having bravely come out live on the show on February 7.

His co-host Holly Willoughby read out a statement on his behalf at the start of the episode, announcing: “With the strength and support of my wife and daughters, I have been coming to terms with the fact that I am gay.”

The presenter told Willoughby that his wife had been an “incredible” support to him while he came to terms with his identity.

“I have had to deal with this in my head for quite some time and as for Steph, as I said I can’t write in any statement how I feel about that woman,” he said.

She is incredible, there is no one in my life that would have supported me in the way she has. She is astonishing.

Schofield said he was “very conscious” of the “hurt, pain and upset” his coming out could cause his family.

“I do feel guilty… But I am proud of myself today.”

He admitted that it “wasn’t easy” telling his daughters his truth, “but they were so amazing”.

“I sat them down and I told them and they jumped up and gave me a hug. A big hug, a long hug, and then they hugged Steph.

“And then they said, ‘It’s OK, it’s OK, this is fine, we’ll be OK, we’ll always be a family. Always.'”

Phillip Schofield applauded by friends and colleagues after coming out as gay.

After his coming out, Schofield received an outpouring of love from celebrity friends and colleagues. 

Willoughby said she’d “never been more proud of her friend”, and promised him that she’d always be there.

His Dancing On Ice colleagues applauded him for his “big, big week”, with Schofield seen fighting back tears as judge Ashley Banjo said: “You have always been an absolute legend but never, never ever more so than this week, my friend.”