Disney+ won’t show the Love, Simon spinoff, but it will let you watch this 90s film with a grown woman kissing an 11-year-old boy

Disney+ Blank Check

Disney+ ditched the Love, Simon TV series for being too “adult”, but has decided it’s fine to platform a 90s film featuring a kiss between an 11-year-old boy and a 31-year-old woman.

A scene from the 1994 film Blank Check has gone viral after it was shared on TikTok, showing the film’s 11-year-old protagonist Preston Waters (Brian Bonsall), kissing FBI agent Shay Stanley (Karen Duffy), an adult woman in her 30s.

He first asks her: “When can I see you again, Shay?” To which she responds: “Hmm, why don’t you give me a call in, say, 10 years?”

She then leans in, and kisses the child on the lips.

At the time of filming, Bonsall was 11 years old, and Duffy was 31.

One person shared the viral TikTok on Twitter, and wrote: “Disney+ won’t allow Love, Simon but will air s**t like this… let that sink in.”

Another wrote: “There’s a scene where this woman tells the kid that dating between a child and adult is wrong. So what did she do next? SHE F**KING KISSED HIM! Did I also mention she works for the FBI?”

Disney+ ditched Love, Simon TV series for being too ‘adult’.

It emerged last month that the “family-focused” streaming service Disney+ had quietly ditched the Love, Simon TV series for being too “adult”.

The new TV show is called Love, Victor and is a spinoff of the movie, which was based on a book.

Disney+ dropped the TV show from its streaming service because it tackles themes of “sexual exploration”, and executives feared that families would not watch shows with such themes around “young kids”.

It has since been moved to Hulu, also owned by Disney. The Disney+ president of content and marketing said last month: “With Hulu now an integral part of our streaming family, our teams are closely collaborating and we have the unique ability to choose the best home for our original productions.

“All of us at Disney+ are incredibly proud of Love, Victor and know the series will be a perfect addition to Hulu’s strong slate of young adult programming.”