Legendary grandma who crocheted a Pride blanket for her granddaughter when she came out dies of coronavirus

Gran who crocheted Pride blanket for granddaughter dies of coronavirus

A grandma’s simple act for her lesbian daughter is what Molly and the world will remember her for, after she tragically passed away Tuesday from complications caused by the coronavirus.

The novel virus has rampaged across the world and ushered a new era for humanity, one where paranoia and fear have mixed, lawmakers issue lockdowns and healthcare providers scramble to treat the sickened and terrified waves of patients.

But before the health crisis seized us all, there was a simple text message from a grandmother.

On February 1, Molly’s grandma rocketed to online fame after her granddaughter posted a short exchange between the pair.

Adorable ally gran crochets ‘Pride blanket’ for lesbian granddaughter. 

Sending her a photo on Whatsapp, her gran had crocheted a Pride blanket for her after Molly came out as lesbian to her the Christmas before.

“Hope you like it,” her grandma wrote in a text, “it’s gay Pride colours.”

Molly replied: “Grandma, it’s so beautiful.”

“Lucky, blessed, love,” Molly wrote on a tweet that showed the blanket draped on her bed, neatly nestled under pillows in her bedroom.

The tweet saw thousands – 55,800 to be exact – of people shower praise and adoration onto the gran’s allyship and support.

Granddaughter confirms gran passed away due to COVID-19 as coronavirus cases surge in UK. 

But earlier this week, Molly gave the tragic update that her grandmother died of COVID-19, the disease caused by exposure to the strain of coronavirus gripping the world.

“Please, please, please stay indoors,” Molly tweeted, urging the public to keep inside as the British government pleads people to practise social distancing to curb the climbing caseload.

“I will forever be grateful for the love my grandma had for all of us, for the kindness she showed.

“We sadly lost her to COVID-19 earlier today. Please stay indoors,” Molly repeated.

‘Rest in paradise to this ally. She was more than that, she loved and was loved.’

Countless tributes poured in, with many amplifying Molly’s pleas to stay indoors, self-quarantine as well as express their condolences for her family’s loss.

Others imagined that would happen to their own grandparents if they were to fall ill due to coronavirus, hitting home hard as the death toll in the UK soars to 437 at the time of writing.

“I’m in tears right now,” one user wrote. “Everyone please stay the f**k indoors.

“Rest in paradise to this ally. She was more than that, she loved and was loved.”