Both of Marvel’s LGBT+ superhero films just got delayed due to disturbances in the multiverse. Kidding, it’s because of coronavirus

Bisexual Marvel character Valkyrie walks towards the camera in Thor: Ragnarok.

People waiting for queer heroes to debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have to wait a while longer – as its film slate has been hit with delays due to coronavirus.

Gay Marvel hero Phastos won’t debut until 2021.

The Eternals initially set for release in November, will introduce the superhero Phastos, who Marvel boss Kevin Feige has already confirmed will be in a same-sex marriage.

The film is set to make big-screen history for Marvel with its first visible LGBT+ superhero, including an on-screen kiss with his husband, played by Haaz Sleiman.

Haaz Sleiman and Brian Tyree Henry of The Eternals

Haaz Sleiman will reportedly play the husband of gay superhero Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry) in The Eternals. (Getty)

However, fans will have to wait a little longer for the moment – as the film’s release has been pushed back as a result of coronavirus.

As Marvel reshuffles its film slate amid the pandemic, The Eternals has been displaced from its November 6 release date by Black Widow, initially intended to release in May.

It will instead premiere on on 12 February, 2021, Variety reports.

The knock-on impact of the shift in release dates has also reached  Thor: Love and Thunder, which was originally set to release in November 2021.

Valkyrie won’t ‘find her queen’ until 2022 at the earliest.

With Marvel bumping down every film a spot in the queue, that film is now expected to be held until February 2022.

That’s a long time to wait for a film that we’re promised will finally explore the sexuality of Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, which was alluded to briefly in Thor: Ragnarok and reportedly explored more in scenes left on the cutting room floor.

Thompson has already told fans to expect a queer storyline in the upcoming sequel, saying that as Asgard’s new king, “she needs to find her queen.”

Marvel boss Kevin Feige has also confirmed that Valkyrie will be visibly queer in the film, adding: “The answer is yes… how that impacts the story remains to be seen with that level of representation you’ll see across our films, not in just Thor 4.”

Director Taika Waititi has said of the prospective storyline: “The IP is not mine. But with the actors, I feel whatever makes them comfortable – whether they feel like there’s a natural choice, or a natural way for that character to go – then I’m pretty supportive. If Tessa wanted to do that, I’m in.”