Kesha leads tributes to ‘kind and beautiful’ LGBT+ activist who tragically died after battle with illness

Kesha leads tributes to 'kind and beautiful' LGBT+ activist who has died

Kesha paid tribute to her friend Blake Brockway, an LGBT+ activist who has died from an unspecified illness.

The two-time Grammy nominee posted pictures of her and Blake together on Instagram, paying tribute to her friend and saying “we’ve lost an angel today”.

“One of the kindest, most beautiful humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing,” Kesha, 33, wrote.

“Blake has made me want to be a better person.

“He worked his whole life to help others and find ways to make members of the LGBTQ+ Community feel safe. He helped me feel safe. He was so funny. always kind to everyone.

We lost a real life angel today. You will forever be remembered my love.

The bisexual singer also asked her fans, who she calls Animals, to send her pictures of Blake.

“Blake passed away this morning,” Kesha continued.

“Some of you may have met him, he was a hardcore animal and so f**kin funny. Love all of you. Miss u guys,” she wrote to her 2.9 million Instagram followers.

Blake Brockway worked for an LGBT+ group and was a ‘fierce advocate’.

According to a crowdfunder that was set up to pay for Blake’s medical expenses, he had been in hospital in Alabama since February 24.

“Blake Brockway is a fierce advocate, friend, colleague, volunteer, music lover, and leader,” says the crowdfunder, set up by a friend of Blake’s who worked with him at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

According to his LinkedIn, Blake worked at LGBT+ advocacy organisation HRC for eight years.

“Anyone lucky enough to know Blake, knows that his heart and passion for the people and things he loves cannot be matched.

“He gives everything he can to those in his life, and through his personal and professional activism, to many many more.

“His impact on all our lives has been huge.”

While serving on HRC’s board of governors, Blake honoured Kesha with the Visibility Award at the HRC Nashville Equality Dinner in 2016.

At that time, he said: “Kesha has unapologetically used her influence and international platform to bring attention to the challenges faced by the LGBT community.”

“We are proud to welcome her to the HRC Nashville Equality Dinner and honour her with this year’s Visibility Award.”