Trans man comes forward as the latest victim of a threatening nude Snapchat ‘blackmail’ campaign


A trans man has come forward as the latest victim in a string of “blackmail” threats made via Snapchat by a man in Dundee, Scotland.

Last month, an American couple contacted police in Scotland, claiming to have received threatening messages from a man in Dundee.

According to the Evening Telegraph, Cara Martinez studied in Dundee but now lives in Virginia, USA. She was contacted by the man, who she knew from her time in Scotland, through Snapchat and she said he demanded explicit pictures from her.

When she declined, the man threatened that he would Photoshop her face onto nude photos and post them online.

Her husband, Denny Martinez, said: “He messaged her on Snapchat, we’ve kept records of the messages. The content was explicit… He tried this for several hours then my wife blocked him but he came back and did the same thing from separate accounts.”

Now, the couple have revealed that eight people have also come forward, and that the latest victim was a trans man who also lives in Dundee.

The man, who remained anonymous, told the Evening Telegraph that he was also “pestered” for explicit images before being threatened.

He said: “I identify as a trans male so he only asked for pictures of my backside and nothing else.

“He then started to offer me money, I said ‘no’ and he said ‘you want me to go ahead with blackmail then?’

“He then stated that he will edit pictures of me onto bodies and make them believable.

“I do have some evidence of when he was trying to blackmail me into sending pictures. I was honestly too scared to talk to the police because I didn’t want to go to court.”

He said that the man began to apologise, but then started threatening him again.

“After he apologised I was willing to forget about the matter and then it began again,” he said. “He started threatening to get someone from the deep web after me.”

Police Scotland have not taken any action against the Snapchat user threatening blackmail.

A spokesperson told the publication: “Police in Forfar were made aware around 2.30am on Saturday March 7, 2020, of a report of online threats involving a woman in America.

“Appropriate advice was given and there is no further Police Scotland involvement at this time.”