Caitlyn Jenner, Stephen Fry and Lena Waithe share heartfelt messages of hope to young LGBT+ people struggling through lockdown

Caitlyn Jenner, Stephen Fry and Lena Waithe

LGBT+ celebrities, including Caitlyn Jenner, Stephen Fry and Lena Waithe, have sent messages of hope and encouragement to queer youth under lockdown in difficult circumstances around the world.

The #InThisTogether campaign was created by The British LGBT Awards and It Gets Better UK.

The campaign will release a series of videos by a host queer celebrities, including Caitlyn Jenner, Lena Waithe, Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk, Feel Good star Mae Martin and director Dustin Lance Black.

The series will begin on Tuesday, May 19, at 1pm with Stephen Fry. 

Across the world, LGBT+ youth are stuck at home, sometimes with non-affirming parents and families, and many are struggling.

Founder of the British LGBT Awards Sarah Garrett said: “Even though lockdown measures have eased a little in England, young LGBT+ people are still facing extreme challenges at home.

“Many are trapped with families who don’t accept who they are, and others feel isolated because they no longer have a network of support around them because of social distancing measures.

“#InThisTogether is our way of letting young LGBT+ people know that they are not alone and there are people and organisations available for them to talk to.”

The LGBT+ celebrities will offer messages of hope to isolated queer youth, reassuring them that their community has not forgotten about them.

Lance Black said that young people could be stuck “with people who don’t necessarily know who they are, may not accept or embrace who they are or who they love, and that can be tough”.

Jenner said in a video recorded at her Malibu home: “This is a difficult time for everyone, but especially young LGBT+ kids who are locked down right now.

“I just want to say to everybody: stay positive, there is going to be brighter days ahead – I promise you that… this is Caitlyn Jenner from Malibu, California, sending you all, a lot of love.”

Fry, recording in his home library, said: “We will get through this. We have to stay positive, if we can, and look towards brighter days ahead.

“And there will be brighter days ahead… I’m sending love to you all: stay safe, and snug and comfy and cosy, and confident. Lots of love.”

Queer comedian Mae Martin, who created and starred in Feel Good, said: “I just want to send a message of love and support to any LGBT+ people, particularly young people, who are struggling with self isolation, maybe in a difficult situation.

“Your community is still here, we’re still thinking about you, I’m sending you a lot of love… and soon this will all be over and we can all hug.”