Nothing to see here, just Cate Blanchett telling Sarah Paulson about the time she tried to dye her pubic hair

Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett discussed merkins and dying pubic hair.

Twitter is delighting over the “chaotic energy” of an Instagram live by Carol stars Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett which included a discussion about Blanchett attempting to dye her pubic hair.

The pair, who also star together in Ocean’s 8 and the new FX series Mrs Americadid an Instagram live Q&A for W Magazine in which they discussed their friendship and the new show.

The hilarious livestream saw Cate Blanchett dropping her phone and playing a harmonica, while Sarah Paulson was cry-laughing and saying she had a “great, big derriere”.

During a discussion about merkins, Blanchett blurted out: “I kept trying to dye my pubic hair a very, very long time ago…”

She was cut off by Paulson who delightedly said: “Ladies and gentlemen, sit down, this is the best thing that’s ever happened. Go ahead, you tried to dye your pubic hair.”

Blanchett continued: “Well, look, it’s very tough to bleach. For one of the first jobs I did, I don’t know why I was cast, it was before people had the sense that people had to cast within their racial spectrum. I was cast as an albino Italian.

“I had to show the… what was down there. So I thought I’ll try and bleach it because obviously I’m albino.

“And it just didn’t work. So I had to wear a merkin. It didn’t budge! It’s really hard to budge.”

But Blanchett’s interest in dyeing her pubic hair did not stop there.

She said: “I was so obsessed by this that [with] a friend about 10 years later we both tried to bleach them and dye them blue.”

Paulson announced: “Ladies and gentlemen, Cate Blanchett has a blue business!”

But Blanchett responded: “No, but I don’t! I wish I had a blue business, but it just doesn’t last.”

Twitter was enamoured with the video, describing it as “chaos, glorious chaos”.

One person wrote: “Cate Blanchett saying she tried dyeing her pubic hair blue was not something I knew I needed to hear, but it was something so personal to me.”