Doja Cat emphatically denies chatting with ‘racist’ alt-right incel group and apologises for song containing racial slur

Doja Cat

Doja Cat has denied taking part in “racist conversations” on online chat rooms and apologised for singing a song that contains racial slurs in 2015.

The #DojaCatIsOverParty hashtag dizzyingly snaked across Twitter timelines Friday (May 22) after a 2015 song by the artist titled “Dindu Nuffin” spread like wildfire across social media.

The phrase “Dindu Nuffin” a stylised pronunciation of “didn’t do nothing”, is used by racist alt-right groups to mock Black victims of police brutality.

Tension ratcheted further when accusations she took part in alt-right chat room went viral in parallel.

Doja Cat, known offstage as Amalaratna Dlamini, emphatically refuted taking part in “racist” discussions during her time on chatrooms and admitted “Dindu Nuffin” was a “bad decision”.

Doja Cat addresses ‘racist’ allegations. 

“I want to address what’s been happening on Twitter,” she wrote on Instagram on Sunday (May 24).

“I’ve used public chat rooms to socialise since I was a child. I shouldn’t have been on some of those chat room sites, but I personally have never been involved in any racist conversations.

“I’m sorry to everyone I offended.”​

Dlamini, whose father is South African actor Dumisani Dlamini, explained how she identifies as a “Black woman” and that she’s “very proud of where I come from.”

She admitted to writing the song “Dindu Nuffin”, but said it was created in: “Response to people who often used that term to hurt me.”

The “Say So” hitmaker acknowledged that “it was a bad decision to use the term in my music.”

“I understand my influence and impact and I’m taking this all very seriously.

“I love you all and I’m sorry for upsetting or hurting any of you.

“That’s not my character, and I’m determined to show that to everyone moving forward. Thank you.”

What happened?

#DojaCatIsOverParty began trending on Twitter after Hollywood Unlocked revealed a video reportedly showing the singer with the group on the video chat platform Tinychat.

It coincided with the emergence of the song, whose chorus became a lightning rod for criticism.

The lyrics of song’s chorus are: “How much nothing can a dindu do / If a dindu, dindu nothin’ / How much money could a dindu make / If a dindu did all the things that you wish to.”