Drag kid Desmond Is Amazing shares his most iconic Pride memory and what it meant to him

Desmond is Amazing Pride Month

Every year in June, LGBT+ people across the world come together in celebration and protest to mark Pride Month – but this year looks a little different.

With the coronavirus pandemic, Pride events have been called off – but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate from home.

This year, PinkNews is helping LGBT+ people to mark the occasion with Pride for All, a four-day digital extravaganza featuring musical performances, panel discussions and a virtual march.

Below, LGBT+ people and their families reflect on the significance of Pride – and explain why it still means so much to queer people all across the world.

For drag kid Desmond is Amazing and his mom, NYC Pride in 2015 sticks in their minds.

Desmond is Amazing says his favourite Pride memory is of the 2015 New York City parade.

“You had put together this crazy outfit,” his mom explains.

“It was like gold sequin beret and you had this gold sequin tank top, and just seeing you full of confidence that day, you danced the whole route,” she says.

“Just to see you smiling, it was like – that was like a moment that clicked for me, and I was like, ‘You know what? This is what it’s all about, just allowing your child to be who they are’.”

Desmond adds: “That’s what Pride is all about: being yourself.”

YouTubers Team2Moms say it’s a time to ‘educate, inspire and celebrate’.

Team2Moms are well known on YouTube for their frank videos about raising their children.

Ebony, one half of the couple, says that Pride is “a time to educate, inspire and celebrate our communities’ diversity and resilence”.

“We know there are still people around the world that can’t come out but we still celebrate with you.”

YouTuber Steph Kyriacou and his sister bond through Pride.

Steph Kyriacou and his sister Nat are both LGBT+, which means Pride is a bonding experience for them.

“We’re both LGBT-identified people and being siblings, it’s cool to have that – that we share and can bond over and go to places like Pride together,” Steph, part of the PinkNews team, says.

“Pride’s all about community and family and chosen family is a big thing in the LGBTQ community but we’re kind of lucky because we didn’t have to choose.”

The Real Dads of New York say this special time lets people know LGBT+ people are ‘not going anywhere’.

YouTube couple The Real Dads of New York say that Pride is about “living your truth, striving to be the best you can be”.

“Get ready to show a lot of visibility, shove it all in people’s faces, let them know we’re not going nowhere,” says Fabian Griffin.

Angel adds: “We’re here to stay and we’re going to get the respect that we earned and deserve.”