Miss Hitler beauty queen and ‘Granddaddy Terror’ fiancé jailed for membership of homophobic neo-Nazi terrorist organisation

National Action Miss Hitler

A former contestant in a Miss Hitler beauty pageant and her fiancé have been jailed for their membership of the banned racist, homophobic, anti-semitic neo-Nazi terrorist group National Action.

Alice Cutter and her partner Mark Jones, both 24, were handed prison sentences on Tuesday (June 9) for being members of National Action, founded in 2013.

The far-right extremist group was banned in 2016 under the Terrorism Act 2000, making it the first such group to be proscribed under the act since the Second World War.

Jones, known as “Granddaddy Terror” and described by police as being a “lynchpin in the national structure” of National Action, met Cutter when she entered a Miss Hitler beauty pageant — although the pair from Sowerby Bridge, Halifax, broke up before the trial.

Cutter previously entered the Miss Hitler pageant under the name Buchenwald Princess, a reference to the Nazi death camp.

The couple had a collection of knives, knuckledusters and other weapons, as well as Nazi paraphernalia and “his-and-hers swastika knitwear”.

Although Cutter and Jones, alongside two other National Action members, denied being a part of the group, the jury at Birmingham Crown Court unanimously found all four guilty on March 19.

On Tuesday, Jones was sentenced to five-and-a-half years imprisonment, and Cutter to three years.

National Action Miss Hitler

Alice Cutter and her partner Mark Jones were both convicted of being members of National Action. (West Midlands Police)

Judge Paul Farrer QC said National Action was “the most extreme version of a neo-Nazi organisation to appear in the UK for many decades”, according to The Independent.

Farrer added: “As a result of its extreme ideology and behaviour, it was proscribed as a terrorist organisation on December 16, 2016.

“After proscription, you were not prepared to disassociate yourselves from the ideology of this group and you therefore defied the ban.”

Although Cutter originally denied being a part of the group, it was revealed that she had exchanged hundreds of messages with other members and was still attending meetings months after National Action was banned.

Prosecuting, Barnaby Jameson QC told Birmingham Crown Court that the “tiny, secretive group of die-hard neo-Nazis” were willing to use terrorism to destroy Jewish people, ethnic minorities, LGBT+ people and liberals.

He added: “The ultimate aim of the group was all-out race war. Members of National Action were equipping themselves with weapons and the ability to produce explosives.”

Miss Hitler

Alice Cutter once entered a Miss Hitler beauty pageant. (West Midlands Police)

According to the Home Office: “The group is virulently racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic. Its ideology promotes the idea that Britain will inevitably see a violent ‘race war’, which the group claims it will be an active part of.”

Through material disseminated on social media, National Action has celebrated the Pulse massacre and the murder of MP Jo Cox. They have also called for the reintroduction Section 28, banning the “promotion of homosexuality” in schools.