White, gay Trump supporter epically schooled after claiming Black Lives Matter is trying to ‘colonise’ Pride Month

Chadwick Moore on Fox News Tucker Carlson. (Screen capture via YouTube)

White gay Fox News pundit and strident Donald Trump supporter Chadwick Moore attracted criticism last Saturday (June 20) after announcing he is somehow the spokesperson for “the gays”.

In a brittle and unnecessary tweet, the alt-right journalist wrote, “I’m sorry, Blacks, but you already have a month,” likely referring to Black History Month, which is February.

He decried Juneteenth – an annual holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the US – saying it “isn’t a thing”.

And he then continued, which he really shouldn’t have, like, really could have just stayed silent here, saying: “Don’t colonise our month as well. Thanks.

“Signed, the gays.”

‘The gays’ criticise Chadwick Moore for his ‘trash’ tweet on Juneteenth.

Twitter users appropriately scorned Moore, with many seeking to accuse him of anti-Blackness as well as schooling him in basic history.

Writing a lengthy list of criticisms: The not-so-subtle racism of “Blacks”, referring to Black folks as “colonisers”, the literal existence of Black queer people, the wonky historical inaccuracies in that Juneteenth was celebrated for more than a century before Stonewall and how it is relatively unlikely that Moore surveyed every single gay person in existence to sign off his tweet as “the gays”.

Everyone from LGBT+ activists, RuPaul’s Drag Race alum to a dog slammed Moore.

Indeed, on June 19, 1865, enslaved African-Americans in Galveston, Texas, were told they were free. Some 155 years later, and Black communities continue to celebrate what freedom means to them.

A sentiment that has gained a charged urgency amid sweeping changes and widespread Black Lives Matter protests across the US, stirred by the incidents of police brutality in the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many more Black Americans.

While the cornerstone of LGBT+ rights, the Stonewall Riots, occurred in 1969 – marking more than a century of celebration – and were sparked by the efforts of queer people of colour, after all.

Fox News pundit, who once called Pride parades ‘tacky orgies’, abruptly U-turns and we wonder why.

Amid all the criticism, Moore appeared to tweet a follow-up message. “I think the gays have spoken.

“If BLM can have their mass gatherings, riots and protests, why can’t we have our Pride parades?!”

Although Moore appeared to have become a strident advocate for Pride Month parades, which has roots in mass gatherings, riots and protests started by queer Black people, likely so he can write scathing critiques of them.

Last year, he wrote in Spectator USA that Pride parades are where “you watch naked, leathery old men with nipple rings waddle down the street, testicles knocking at their knees, or third-rate drag monsters expose their buttholes to crowds of children”.

Moore wrote that Pride has succumbed to “a hostile takeover by Democrats, corporations, Marxists, and racial identitarians”, calling those “tacky Pride orgies” “corny and mildly uncomfortable”.

The Tennesee-born Moore even accepted this in a lengthy thread that, again, nobody asked for yet he just kept hitting that “send tweet” button.