CNN anchor Don Lemon cooly lectures Terry Crews over his controversial Black Lives Matter comments

Terry Crews Black Lives Matter

CNN news anchor Don Lemon clashed with actor Terry Crews during an interview on his controversial thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Crews, who was previously forced to apologise for saying children with same-sex parents “will be severely malnourished”, faced Lemon for a CNN interview on Monday (July 6) to expand on his much-criticised comments about the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star previously said on Twitter that “we must ensure #BlackLivesMatter doesn’t morph into #BlackLivesBetter”, and asked: “Are all white people bad? No. Are all Black people good? No.”

“Knowing this reality — I stand on my decision to unite with good people, no matter the race, creed or ideology,” he wrote, adding that he would “die on this hill”.

“Speaking to Lemon,  Crews explained: “I wanted to bring up the fact that there are some very, very militant type-forces in Black Lives Matter and what I was issuing was a warning.

“I’ve been a part of different groups, I’ve been a part of different things and you see how extremes can go far … and when you issue a warning and a warning is seen as detrimental to the movement, how can you ever have checks and balances?”

He added: “Someone wants to control the narrative and I viewed it as a very, very dangerous self-righteousness that was developing that really viewed themselves as better, it was almost a supremacist move.”

Terry Crews said the Black Lives Matter should consider gun violence.

Terry Crews attempted turn the conversation towards “Black on Black gun violence”, and said that “Black people need to hold other Black people accountable”.

Don Lemon explained the meaning of the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent global protests to Crews.

He said: “The Black Lives Matter movement… [is] about police brutality.

“If you want an All Black Lives Matter movement that talks about gun violence in communities, including Black communities, then start that movement with that name. But that’s not what Black Lives Matter is about.”

At one point, as the pair tried to speak over each other, Lemon added: “If someone started a movement that said ‘cancer matters’, and then someone comes along and says: ‘Why aren’t you talking about HIV?'”

“It’s not the same thing. We’re talking about cancer. The Black Lives Matter movement is about police brutality and injustice in that manner, not about what’s happening in Black neighbourhoods.”