Bisexual actor Javicia Leslie makes history as the first Black Batwoman, picking up the cape and mantle from Ruby Rose

Bisexual actor Javicia Leslie makes history as the first Black Batwoman

Bisexual actor Javicia Leslie has been revealed as the first-ever Black Batwoman, picking up the cape and mantle from Ruby Rose.

Rose quit Batwoman in May, stunning fans by announcing her departure from the queer superhero show after just one season.

The TV star had blazed a trail with the CW show, playing the out-and-proud vigilante Kate Kane, who takes on the titular superhero mantle.

In June, a leaked casting call showed that the show was looking to cast a character named Ryan Wilder, creating a new Batwoman rather than recasting Kate Kane.

Batwoman production companies Berlanti Productions and WBTV confirmed that they would be casting an actor from the LGBT+ community, who has now been revealed to be Javicia Leslie.

Leslie told Variety in a statement: “I am extremely proud to be the first Black actress to play the iconic role of Batwoman on television, and as a bisexual woman, I am honored to join this groundbreaking show which has been such a trailblazer for the LGBT+ community.”

Previously, Leslie has starred in the CBS series God Friended Me, the BET series The Family Business and the film Always a Bridesmaid.

Rose celebrated the casting announcement on Instagram, writing: “OMG! This is amazing! I am so glad Batwoman will be played by an amazing Black woman.

“I want to congratulate Javicia Leslie on taking over the bat cape.

“You are walking into an amazing cast and crew.  I can’t wait to watch season two you are going to be amazing!”

Although rumours have abounded about why Rose quit the role, she posted on Instagram at the end of May: “I have stayed silent because that’s my choice for now but know I adore you all. I’m sure the next season will be amazing also.”

The second season of Batwoman is set to return in January, 2021, on Sunday nights on The CW.