Fire Island partier who flouted coronavirus rules refuses to apologise: ‘I’m not going to fall for the lab-made virus’

Giancarlo Albanese, who attended a circuit party at Fire Island Pines, New York. (Screen captures via Instagram)

An attendee of a July 4 Fire Island, US, party that saw beaches swell with hundreds of toned torsos, rarely wearing face coverings or abiding by social distancing rules, has spoken out amid stinging criticism.

Giancarlo Albanese, a currency analyst at EverythingFx, weathered criticism after he posted a grainy Instagram photograph of countless people packed close together by dry-shrub, stretching back into the inky darkness of the Fire Island Pines.

Partygoers descended by the hundreds to New York’s Fire Island, a queer circuit party hotspot, at the weekend, jamming the beachfront in swimwear while guzzling on alcohol and dancing to electronic music — without masks – drawing criticism from state officials, property owners and LGBT+ community leaders.

Law enforcement were reportedly called to the scene after receiving calls concerning a failure to follow the state’s social distancing guidelines.

Albanese doubled down on his earlier remarks – a string of expletives that included “F**k your mask” – in an Instagram video posted Thursday (July 9).

He pettishly lit into critics skewering him while decrying people for caring about a “lab-made virus” and appeared to claim he is a member of QAnon.

Fire Island partygoer: ‘If you came to this video to try and get an apology, unfortunately, you’re not going to get it’.

“If you came to this video to try and get an apology, unfortunately, you’re not going to get it because I have nothing to be sorry about,” he began, wearing a wrinkled white top and a gold chain.

“The hundreds and thousands if not millions of people that also went out Fourth of July weekend to celebrate? They’re also not going to apologise either.”

Albanese added: “The world has been consumed by mass hysteria and paranoia on an unprecedented scale right now.”

“People like me aren’t falling for it. We’re not going to fall for the lab-made virus, we’re not going to fall for the mass-media marketing campaign that’s been going on because it’s all bulls**t, every single ounce of it.

“And you have to be woefully ignorant to honestly think that it’s not.”

In a volley of hasgtags accompanting the video, he wrote: “#newworldorder #agenda21 #predictiveprogramming #hollywood #massmedia #fakenews #coronavirus #covid19 #coronavírus #qanon #Qarmy #WWG1WGA #wwg1wgaworldwide #wwg1wga?? #thegreatawakeningworldwide #darktolight #love #conciousness #america #covid #pandemic #nwo #instadaily #instagood #conspiracytheory #falseflag”.

Many of the tags were common dog whistles within alt-right circles. QAnon is a sprawling web of conspiracy theories, spewing often baseless assertions, spouted by an anonymous person or group of people who claim to be privy to government secrets.

Supposedly classified information has been dropped on various 4chan and 8chan message boards. Much of it points towards nefarious deeds perpetrated by an alleged ‘deep state’, where attacks against the Trump administration are the handiwork of an undergrowth of bureaucrats.

“Where we go one, we go all”, often clipped to “WWG1WGA”, is something of an oath for members of the imageboards.