Trump aide Kellyanne Conway just banned her daughter from social media due to her unequivocal support for queer rights

Claudia Conway, Donald Trump aide Kellyanne Conway’s daughter. (Instagram)

It seems that Claudia Conway, the daughter of Trump aide Kellyanne Conway and George Conway, one of Trump’s most vocal Republican critics, didn’t inherit much of her parents’ views.

In late June, Twitter was stunned when countless users realised that Claudia is ardently anti-Donald Trump, frequents Black Lives Matter demonstrations and is wholly pro-LGBT+ rights.

TikTok videos from Claudia playfully trolling her right-wing parents didn’t sit too well with either Kellyanne or George, apparently, as she announced Tuesday morning (14 July) that she’s being “forced” to delete her social media.

Daughter of Donald Trump aide Kellyanne Conway says she’s been ‘forced’ to delete social media by parents. 

In what she referred to her as “last tweet” she wrote: “My parents are forcing me to delete social media.

“Apparently, I don’t have a platform!

“It’s fake! Love you all so much. keep fighting,” she added to her nearly 118,000 followers.

In response to one user’s outrage at her being stonewalled from social media, she satirically wrote back: “#saveclaudiaconway.”

Screen captures of her since-deleted TikToks show Claudia making barbed comments against her parents as well as the Trump administration.

As much as her father, George, is one of the founders of the Lincoln Project, an effort to beat Trump in the 2020 election, Claudia has chaffed with both parents over their contrasting views.

Claudia posted in one video a video of a PinkNews article reporting on the news that the Trump administration was asking Supreme Court justices to make it legal to ban same-sex couples from adopting.

In the clip, with “Mariposa” by the Peach Tree Rascals blasting in the background, Claudia lowers her glasses in disbelief.

Good taste in music and in news outlets.

She also tweeted on 10 July that her father “attempted to delete” all her social media, with the New York Post noted that she said: “My parents, particularly my mother, are trying to silence me by getting me to delete my social media.”