Mayor offers to help vile homophobe move out of town after they sent hate mail to a mum for flying a Pride flag

Canada hate mail pride flag

The mayor of Wetaskiwin, Canada has posted a response to an anonymous homophobe who sent abuse to a local resident.

Wetaskiwin resident Jessica Hanks, who won the grand prize in a local Canada Day decorating contest, revealed she had received an abusive letter for including a Pride flag in her display.

The anonymous letter reads: “I would imagine you expect this correspondence to be on of congratulating you for being the grand prizewinner, but I am very sad to say that while perhaps your effort of decorating was good you apparently have no pride in being a true Canadian in that I do believe that was a multi-coloured ‘flag’ hanging on your fence indicating the ‘sick’ portion of our society.

“It is things like that that helps to contribute to the horrific name Welaskiwn city carries besides the known crime rate.

“Junk like the ‘Pride’ followers have no place in society and certainly not in Wetaskiwin.

“I have lived in Wetaskiwin for nearly 50 years and when I first came here I was extremely PROUD of Wetaskiwin, and PROUD to be a tax-payer of Welaskiwin, but the last eight to ten years have done nothing but degrade the city and its residents, particularly tax-payers who continue to have to pay ‘through their noses’ for absolutely NOTHING.”

Wetaskiwin resident Jessica Hanks received the abusive letter

Wetaskiwin resident Jessica Hanks received the abusive letter

The letter also attacked the installation of rainbow crosswalks, concluding: “I sincerely hope and pray you were not one of those who painted the avenue-way by Norquest College. If you were, SHAME ON YOU!”

Sharing the message on social media, Hanks wrote: “Is this what Wetaskiwin is about?

“I am proud as hell to support the LGBT+ community. As the mother of a gay child. She is not sick. She is not disgusting. She is perfect in EVERY SINGLE WAY.

“I was born here. Thirty-four years I’ve spent here. I love my community. I pay my taxes. I pay my dues. I’m a good person. And this shook me to my core.”

Mayor says homophobe should move away if they aren’t happy.

The city’s mayor Tyler Gandam posted a cutting response to the homophobe.

Mayor calls out local homophobe and offers to help them move out of town

The city’s Mayor Tyler Gandam posted a cutting response to the homophobe.

He wrote: “Such a brave, brave person leaving an anonymous letter. I receive a few of these and they never get a second thought and end up in the recycling bin. If you feel so strongly about something that you take the time to write a letter, take ownership.

“If the person who wrote this sees this post, please know that I was one of the people who proudly helped paint the Pride crosswalks on Main Street this year and last year.

“I’m proud of the city I live in and get to be the mayor for. I hope that we continue to build inclusivity in our community. If you’re unhappy with how things are and need help finding a realtor, please let me know, I’ll be happy to help!”