Donald Trump’s gay niece Mary dismisses ‘absurd’ claim the president is an ally to the LGBT+ community

Mary L Trump, niece of the US President

Mary L Trump has spoken about growing up in a family that’s “anti-everything” and hit out at her uncle Donald Trump’s “absurd” claim to support gay rights.

Donald Trump’s gay niece Mary dismisses ‘absurd’ claim he supports LGBT+ rights, says gay and trans people make him ‘uncomfortable’

The niece of the US president has a strained relationship with her famous family, and recently faced a legal battle in an attempt to suppress publication of her tell-all memoir.

In the book, Mary said she struggled coming out as gay to family members after hearing homophobic and misogynistic views – with her grandmother referring to Elton John as a “faggot”.

Mary Trump: ‘Gay people make Donald uncomfortable.’

In an interview with The Advocate, Mary revealed she never came out to come out to her uncle or introduced him to her partner, adding: “He never knew, but I’m sure he does now.”

She said of his claims that gay people ‘love’ him: “It’s just absurd. What’s worse that on some level, he’s actually convinced himself that that is true. Anyone who takes that seriously should be discounted out of hand.”

Mary L. Trump's new book about the US President Donald J. Trump

Mary L. Trump’s new book about the US President Donald J. Trump (Ron Adar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Of White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s recent insistence that the president has a “great” record on LGBT+ issues, she said: “I think gay people make [Trump] uncomfortable with male homosexuality. He’s like guys with no self-awareness.

“And trans people make him uncomfortable because he’s uncomfortable with anyone that’s different. And that includes differently-abled, different colour of skin, and different beliefs.

“I really don’t think gay issues occupy any of his attention, but how McEnany could say that with a straight face, knowing that one of the very first things he did, without consulting anybody, was to kick trans people out of the armed services. It’s disgusting.

“He’s not [an] ally of the gay community, or really any community for that matter. Donald doesn’t have any concern or beliefs beyond his own self-interest. His enablers tell him to enact a certain policy, and he’ll do it. He doesn’t care.”

President’s family lost battle to stop release of book.

Her book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, was released this month despite the best efforts of the Trump family.

Robert Trump, the president’s younger brother, attempted to secure an injunction and restraining order to block the book’s publication, citing a non-disclosure agreement signed by Mary. However, a New York appellate court tossed out the argument, affirming the right for the book to be published.