Horrifically homophobic pamphlets comparing ‘evil’ homosexuality to incest and bestiality dropped into UK homes

Pamphlet Northern Ireland gay

Vile pamphlets have been dropped into homes in Northern Ireland urging gay people to “turn away from their evil ways”.

The pamphlets, created by the Mid Ulster Christian Helpline, compare homosexuality to incest and bestiality.

The disturbing leaflet claims: “The Bible clearly states that all these practices are detestable unto God – but even though he hates these sins – he longs that all who participate in such immorality should repent and turn from their evil ways.”

The pamphlet urges queer people to contact their “helpline”.

A local council in Northern Ireland has come under fire for listing the organisation’s phone number on its website.

The harmful materials were first distributed to homes around Derry last month.

Police later confirmed that they had launched an investigation into the “homophobic literature”.

Mid-Ulster Council has now come under fire for listing the Mid Ulster Christian Helpline’s contact details on its official website, according to Belfast Live.

Independent councillors Dan Kerr and Barry Monteith wrote a joint letter to the council earlier this week demanding that the contact details be removed from the website.

The councillors accused the group of “promoting torture techniques” through conversion therapy, and said: “Mid Ulster Council must always act with equality for all to ensure no section of our community is excluded or discriminated against.

“The LGBT+ community must be treated with the same respect as all others.”

The council has launched a review of its website and entirely removed its community directory while the process continues.

Northern Ireland pamphlet

The full pamphlet (Connie Egan/Twitter)

Alliance councillor Connie Egan, who discovered the listing, welcomed the council’s action.

“While I’m glad this number has been removed, it’s disappointing that it’s currently only temporary to allow for a review,” she said.

The LGBT+ community must be treated with the same respect as all others.

“The dangerous practice of conversion ‘therapy’ must be banned, and those offering or promoting it should realise the detrimental impact on the LGBT+ community.”

The Mid Ulster Christian Helpline claims on its website that its duty is to “love all people” to help them to tell “the truth of God’s word”.

They also claim they have a duty to “witness and to warn all people who would be in spiritual danger through involvement in any of the ‘ungodly practices’ which exist today.”

The group claims they “listen” and “prayerfully support” people experiencing problems or difficulties.

PinkNews has contacted the Mid Ulster Christian Helpline for comment.

Conversion therapy was recently branded as a form of torture by the United Nations.

Conversion therapy has been condemned by most major psychiatric bodies and has been banned in a number of countries.

A recent United Nations report found that conversion therapy should be considered a form of torture and recommended that it be outlawed globally.

Meanwhile, a UK survey conducted last year found that one in five conversion therapy survivors later attempted suicide, while two in five said they had experienced suicidal thoughts.

Less than a third said they had gone on to lead “a happy and fulfilled life”.

Despite overwhelming evidence, conversion therapy remains legal in the UK more than two years after Theresa May’s Conservative government pledged to ban the pseudoscientific practice.