Drag Race legend Alexis Mateo doesn’t hold back on reading India Ferrah to filth for ‘cheating her out of $100,000’

Alexis Matteo and India Ferrah

Drag Race icon Alexis Mateo accused India Ferrah of “cheating” her out of $100,000 as their All Stars 5 drama spills over into real life.

Alexis Mateo let rip on India Ferrah in an hour-long Instagram video, telling her that their friendship is over and calling out her partner for allegedly sending her private messages, demanding that she keep quiet over their feud.

Drag Race fans were shocked when, half way through All Stars 5, India accused Alexis and Mayhem Miller of campaigning against eventual winner Shea Couleé.

India was eliminated shortly after she made her bombshell claims. Alexis followed a week later after the other queens deemed her “backyard ball” look to be the worst, but the Puerto Rican star said she feels as though her name had been tainted.

“A lot of people posted, ‘you got robbed’. I don’t think I got robbed, I think I got cheated,” she said Tuesday (August 4).

Alexis Mateo called a ‘sore loser because she’s brown’.

Alexis said that had she remained in the running, she feels as though she would have excelled in the penultimate week’s comedy challenge and ultimately progressed to the top three.

“I’m a very good dancer, I’m good at choreography, I’m a good singer, so I probably would have done very good in my final video clip too.”
She continued: “A lot of my friends are like, ‘this is very white privilege’. I am tired of this whole bulls**t situation, about, ‘if Alexis says something she’s a sore loser because she’s f**king brown’.

“If I was white everybody would be like, ‘oh I feel so sorry for her’. No b***h. No more.”

Alexis said she decided to speak out properly after sharing her feelings in an Instagram post the previous day. She claimed that India’s partner, drag queen Savannah F James, sent her a message in response asking her to stop talking about the feud.

“Let me tell you one thing. I don’t want nobody telling me what I’m not entitled to,” she said. “This is my story.”

I’m a pageant queen, I learned how to lose before I learned how to win.

She continued: “Did I feel cheated in the competition? Yes of course

“I’m not a sore loser because I didn’t lose, you cheated me.

“I’m a pageant queen, I learned how to lose before I learned how to win.”

In the period between India making her allegations and the Drag Race finale clearing her name, Alexis said she was constantly attacked by so-called fans. Most upsettingly, this included fans from the Latinx community who she proudly represents.

“For two weeks I was considered a liar, a cheater, who knows what. When I tell you, people have called me thick, [told me] kill yourself, fake, snake, everything under the rainbow,” she explained.

“Derrick Barry was not lying.”

Telling India to “go ahead… record whatever video you want” in response, she added: “There’s no more friendship.

“You cheated me out of $100,000 b***h, we aren’t friends no more. Enough is enough.”
PinkNews contacted India Ferrah and Savannah F James for comment.