University president ‘shocked’ by accusation he drugged a man he met on Grindr with GHB for group sex

University president grindr restraining order

A university president has categorically denied accusations he drugged a man who says he met him on Grindr and claims his life was later threatened.

Dr Kevin Rome Sr was placed on leave by Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, after a restraining order was filed and granted against him by his alleged victim. He has not been charged with any crime, and police are not currently investigating.

According to WSMV News4 Nashvillethe individual who filed the restraining order said he was fearing for his safety after allegedly met the Fisk University president on Grindr and spent the night with him on June 14.

The restraining order alleges that Rome dosed the victim with GHB, “causing me to go in and out of consciousness, and invited other people over to have sex in my bed”.

Between June 14 and 15, the victim said that someone had broken into his apartment, written homophobic statements on the walls, stole his possessions and tampered with the plumbing to flood his home with sewage.

Although the victim admitted he is unsure who caused the damage to his apartment, he believes Rome and one of the men he allegedly invited to have sex in his bed were responsible.

University president grindr restraining order

Fisk University president Dr Kevin Rome Sr. (FiskPres/ Twitter)

Rome, who is married to a woman, told local outlet Scoop Nashville that he was “shocked” by the allegations, adding: “I have no idea who this person is and I can’t even respond to it because I don’t even know who they are.”

He has now been ordered not to have any contact with the man. His attorney Jay Steed said he “categorically denies the allegations”, and added: “It is important to note that these are merely civil accusations.

“Dr Rome has not been charged with any crime. Dr Rome is most concerned for his family, friends and the community at Fisk University for any harm they are experiencing as a result of these spurious charges.

“He expresses his deepest thanks to all those who have reached out to him over the past few days expressing their support.”

Metro Nashville Police spokeswoman Kris Mumford said the department had no open investigations regarding Rome, according to Tennessean.

Fisk University also released a statement which said that on “Monday (August 10) Fisk University learned that allegations unrelated to our school had been made against University President Kevin Rome, PhD.

“As this is a personal matter not connected to the school, we cannot comment on the specifics.

“Dr Rome has been placed on leave until the matter is resolved and Provost Vann Newkirk, PhD, will assume his duties effective immediately.”