Anderson Cooper breaks down in tears after COVID-19 patient congratulates him on birth of son

Anderson Cooper breaks down in tears

Anderson Cooper broke down in tears after a COVID-19 patient congratulated him on the birth of his son.

The gay CNN news anchor welcomed his son Wyatt in April, and revealed that he had become a father for the first time just days later during a broadcast on Anderson Cooper 360°.

Last week, CNN interviewed a woman called Rosa Felipe, who is still being treated after she was hospitalised with COVID-19 in March.

Felipe, 41, has been recovering in Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, since she first tested positive for coronavirus.

Sadly, she also has diabetes and asthma – which mean that her recovery has been a long and arduous one.

Rosa Felipe offered her heartfelt congratulations to Anderson Cooper on the birth of his son.

During an interview with CNN’s Randi Kaye, Felipe – who has not even seen her children since March – said: “I’m still grateful that I’m alive. I’m grateful that I made it.”

In a heartbreaking setback, she was recently told that her hands may need to be amputated due to suspected blood clots that formed when she was on a ventilator.

On my behalf, could you please congratulate Anderson Cooper on his baby.

Despite this terrifying experience, Felipe still found time to congratulate Cooper on becoming a father.

“On my behalf, could you please congratulate Anderson Cooper on his baby,” Felipe told Kaye.

“I’m happy that he has a baby and that he’s so cute.”

When the report ended, Cooper was visibly emotional.

“I mean… Wow. What she’s been through,” Cooper said, wiping away tears.

“And what she’s still going through, Anderson,” Kaye replied.

“And yet, that was the only time in our whole interview that she smiled, talking about you and Wyatt.

“She’s been in this dark place, she was on that ventilator for a couple of months. She’s going through possibly losing her hands, she hasn’t seen her children in a couple of month,” Kaye continued.

“She was in this dream like-state where she was watching her life going by on the ventilator.

“So it’s been a really scary time for her, and she hasn’t had any visitors, so when we started talking about you, that’s when she really lit up, and I think she’s really clung to that as sort of this bright spot in all of this.

“We see what the pandemic has done to her and her family and so many others. It was just really sweet, Anderson, that moment. All she wanted to do was talk about you and baby Wyatt.”

Cooper replied: “I want to talk to her. Thank you, Randi, I appreciate it. And we wish her the best and we hope she gets to be reunited with her kids soon.”

The CNN news anchor first shared news of his son’s birth in April.

“I want to share with you some joyful news. On Monday, I became a father,” he said at the time.

Smiling, he added: “I’ve never actually said that out loud and it still kind of astonishes me.

“I’m a dad. I have a son and I want you to meet him.”

He shared a photo of his son, Wyatt, named after his father who died when Cooper was just 10.