Pathetic homophobe vandalises roads with obscene graffiti claiming ‘tight lycra’ wearing cyclists are gay

vandals says all tight lycra wearing cyclists are gay

An anti-immigrant homophobe has vandalised several roads between Sheffield and the Peak District, declaring that all “tight lycra” wearing cyclists are gay.

Author Simon Warren told Derbyshire Times that he discovered the graffiti while riding his bike on Saturday, 22 August.

He said: “I turned off Abbeydale Road towards Owler Bar and saw a bit of graffiti on the road. I had not seen it before and it said ‘deport illegal immigrants’.

“I continued down Baslow Road and saw more graffiti. That was when I decided to turn around and video that part of it.”

Warren posted a video on Twitter of the graffiti, which read: “All cyclists are unfit faggots, skinny legs, give tight lycra back to wife gay boys.”

Warren said he found similar messages about “lycra clad faggots” on two other roads in the area.

He continued: “It’s pitiful. It was all done in the same writing. It’s offensive, more so to homosexuals than it is to cyclists.

“As soon as you venture into homophobia it’s a hate crime and the police can get involved. Sadly it seems that some people in this country feel that they have the license to go and do this sort of thing.

“It just seems to be that some people want something to be angry about.

“I don’t know what can be done to stop this happening or to catch the people who do it, but it needs to be said that it is not OK. This can’t become normal.”

Warren added on Twitter that he hopes authorities will “catch the losers [who] did it and make them scrub it off with a tooth brush”.

Another local resident, Craig Herring, who also saw the graffiti claiming that all cyclists are gay told the publication: “Bigots like this shouldn’t be tolerated.

“I am personally shocked by this, it’s horrible to think we live around people with these views. Also I don’t want visitors to the area thinking that we share these views.”

PinkNews has approached South Yorkshire Police for comment.