Miley Cyrus reads the house down boots after painfully heterosexual martial artists claims Drag Race queens are ‘all the same’

Miley Cyrus (R) had the perfect clapback to Joe Rogan's heterosexual nonsense. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Another day, another heterosexual person who thinks their bland take on queer culture matters – Joe Rogan was blasted by Miley Cyrus after the MMA fighter dared to disrespect RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience last week (2 September), the pansexual singer beamed with praise over the VH1 reality show, saying she, a woman of taste, clearly, loves it.

Discussing Drag Race, Cyrus said it’s one of her favourite television shows and punted that Rogan, who has a rich martial arts background, would love it. He does not, so Cyrus came for him, you could say, like a…

Wrecking ball.

Miley Cyrus comes for Joe Rogan after he jabbed RuPaul’s Drag Race

They do death drops in a whole other way than you guys do on the mats,” she mused, referencing when queens fall backwards and tuck one leg back.

A showreel of Drag Race icons Alyssa Edwards (“That’s my favourite!” Cyrus said), Latrice Royale and Kennedy Davenport performing the dynamic move played on as the pair reacted to it live. 

“I’ve never seen it,” Rogan blasphemed, “what does RuPaul’s Drag Race do?”

“When I said earlier I’m not religious, that’s a lie, I am RuPaul-sbyterian,” Cyrus said. “I f**k with RuPaul.

“RuPaul is God,” she added. Some cultures see RuPaul as the God of Fracking
That’s when Rogan committed his true act of sin: “They all do the same move,” he spouted, earning a place in Drag Hell, “they drop down and do the splits.”

A clip of Davenport pulling off a flawless death drop played as he heretically riffed the show.

“That’s what I think when I’m watching your shows too,” Cyrus hit back. “All the same stuff.”

Rogan couldn’t help but laugh at the clapback, with viewers saying that Cryus might as well go ahead and launch a masterclass in putting people (read: straight men) in their place.