A preacher’s daughter was sent home from school for wearing a ‘homosexuality is sin’ t-shirt. He’s threatening to sue

Preacher’s daughter suspended for wearing ‘homosexuality is sin’ t-shirt

The daughter of a conservative Christian preacher was sent home from school in Livingston, Tennessee, for wearing a t-shirt proclaiming that “homosexuality is a sin” and we wonder why?

We, for one, are truly stumped.

But reverend Rich Penkosi, who claims on his Twitter to be the “most censored Christian in the world” and has “shut down 15 Drag Queen Story Hours”, is threatening to sue Livingston Academy after educators allegedly asked his daughter, Brielle, to change out of her tee.

Penkosi, who spends an odd amount of time talking about children on his social media profiles while claiming that “Lgbt [sic] always talk about children“, told The Christian Post, because where else, that: “She wanted to do this on her own.

“She wanted to go there to… express her values like all the other kids do.”

‘Warrior for Christ’ says it’s ‘not fair’ his daughter couldn’t wear a ‘homosexuality is a sin’ tee to school. There’s people dying, Rich.

On 25 August, according to a Facebook post, Brielle went to class wearing a t-shirt printed with a verse from the New Testament passage of 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.

Penkosi alleged that the school’s principal, Richard Melton, took issue with the tee’s “sexual connotation” and said it was prohibited by the school’s guidelines.

“My daughter is willing to take the suspension because she does NOT want to change her shirt,” he said in the post. It remains unknown whether, weeks on, she is still wearing the tee or has even washed it.

Oddly, Penkoski appeared to have written the post on an alternative Facebook profile – “Richard Williams” – and yet tagged his main profile in the post.

“They’ve got kids walking around with the Pride symbol on their sneakers and Pride clothing and nobody bats an eye,” he told the outlet, before saying Brielle was being “censored” and that “it’s not fair”.

What is also “not fair”, Rich, are the more than 600 LGBT+ people killed in the US in the past two decades. Monitoring groups warned that the number of trans people slain this year is already greater than the total number killed in all of 2019.

“If a Christian comes up there and repeats what the Bible says, they are seen as intolerant, they are seen as hateful,” Rich added.

“Simply saying ‘homosexuality is a sin’ is not hate speech. That’s what the Bible says,” he said, seemingly ignoring the Old Testament’s teachings of genocide, slavery and selling children into bondage.

“And we need to start preaching truthfully.”

Penkosi ranted in August in a vlog post about the suspension, and launched into a wonky tirade about people with dyed hair and pierced ears as “looking like devils, you can literally see Satan himself manifesting through these people”.

“They’re so vile and hatred,” he said, while being vile and spewing hatred to people who have literally just gotten their hair dyed red or blue.