Conservative pundit thinks no ‘grown adult man’ should use emojis and we’ve never seen masculinity this fragile

Matt Walsh joked – we hope, at least – that men shouldn't use emojis. (Facebook/Emojipedia)

In today’s edition of “Society has progressed past the need for men”, right-wing pundit Matt Walsh said that “emojis are for children and women” and that no “self-respecting grown adult men” would use them.

Fellas, it is gay to use emojis?

Indeed, some men certainly do struggle with basic concepts – from recycling to sunsets to comfortable chairs to even face masks – that they see as apparent threats to their sturdy, cast iron masculinity.

The Daily Wire columnist and host of his eponymous show, because of course, provided his ice-cold take on Twitter Monday evening (28 September) and the line between satire and reality, masculinity and rationality, are just so blurred at this point to even work out whether he’s joking or not.

“Every day I see more grown adult men use emojis,” he wrote. “There is no excuse for this.

“Emojis are for children and women. Do you think your great grandfather would have been caught dead using emojis if the internet existed back then? Have some self-respect for God’s sake.”

Matt Walsh maybe jokes that men shouldn’t use emojis, and people are so, so tired. 

Walsh later clarified that he’s totally OK with GIFs, and “memes are a case by case basis”.

“I am leading the emoji resistance,” Walsh added amid a tsunami of ?  and ?  emojis being lobbed at him by social media users. “It will be the greatest and perhaps bloodiest fight of our time.

“But truth and honour shall prevail, whatever the cost,” the Church of Cowards: A Wake-Up Call to Complacent Christians author added.

The jokes pretty much wrote themselves as countless users torpedoed Walsh for deciding now is the time, with the planet burning and a pandemic raging, to tweet about men and emoji usage.

Conservative pundit as a packed history of transphobia. 

Walsh has, on frequent occasions, waded into the ongoing “debate” over the rights of one of the US’s most marginalised and vulnerable demographics of people – trans folk.

He has referred to being trans as a “mental illness” and a “delusion”, adding that it’s “cruel” to offer trans folk, er, healthcare options.

Moreover, he called “‘transgenderism’ a myth invented to legitimatise sexual deviancy” and, while speaking at an event in 2019, managed to slip into transphobia within 27 seconds of being there.

Honestly, this guy needs to get out more.