Trailblazing gay politician pays emotional tribute to husband after winning sixth consecutive term

Andrew Barr

Australia’s first and only openly gay state or territory leader proudly shared a kiss on stage with his new husband after being elected for his sixth consecutive term.

Chief minister Andrew Barr led Labour to victory in the Australian Capital Territory general election on Saturday (October 17), securing another four years for his government.

It was a huge win for love, too, as the country watched Barr and his husband walk hand-in-hand to Lady Gaga’s Edge Of Glory. And as he took to the stage for his acceptance speech, the minister saved the sweetest shoutout for his partner.

“Finally, my husband Anthony. You are my rock. My life is so much better since we got married… We met in this city. We’ve been together, nearly 21 years and are about to have our first wedding anniversary.

“Anthony, I love you,” Barr declared to cheers from his supporters.

The pair then shared a happy kiss on live TV, a moment that resonated with thousands across Australia.

Andrew Barr kisses his husband and the internet melts.

“Actually had to check that I wasn’t seeing a doctored photo. Yes, that is the winner of the ACT election Andrew Barr celebrating with his partner,” wrote one supporter on Twitter.

“Makes me SO happy that the next gen will have these relationships normalised and visible.”

“It is still immensely powerful to have Andrew Barr not only acknowledge his husband but kiss him in his victory speech,” added another.

Andrew Barr and Anthony Toms met at a queer festival.

Andrew Barr and Anthony Toms first met at Canberra’s inaugural SpringOut Gay and Lesbian Festival in 1999 and celebrated their civil partnership in 2009.

Barr campaigned to change the Labor Party’s national platform in favour of marriage equality, and Australia went to legalise same-sex marriages in December 2017. The couple tied the knot themselves on their 20th anniversary in November 2019.

Barr wrote after their wedding: “It was a small family ceremony in Anthony’s home town of Newcastle. We had a lovely day and want to thank the 7.8 million Australians (and especially the 175,000 Canberrans) who voted yes to marriage equality.”