Australia looks set to get its first out gay territory leader

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Australia looks set to have its first out gay territory leader, as the Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Katy Gallagher, stepped down today.

Treasurer Andrew Barr now looks like a safe bet for the position, and if he takes the step up from Deputy Chief Minister

The 41-year-old has fought towards having same-sex marriage for all Australian citizens, and was a key player in pushing forward legislation which legalised it in the territory last year. The ACT’s same-sex marriage law was overturned by the country’s High Court.

He entered a civil union with his partner Anthony Toms in 2009, after being elected to the Legislative Assembly in 2006.

Barr also pushed to move a motion to change the Labor Party’s national platform, allowing same-sex marriage.

He is expected to succeed Gallagher unopposed in the Chief Minister role.

Australia has had several out MPs in important roles, however no openly LGBT person has held the office of Chief Minister, Premier or Prime Minister.

Gallagher announced today that she will run for the Canberra Senate seat on stepping down as Chief Minister.