Tiffany Trump’s second ‘Trump Pride’ rally ends in chaos as security guards wrestle with LGBT+ protesters

Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump held another “Trump Pride” rally Saturday (November 1), but it descended into chaos after the time and location was shared online.

Just two weeks ago, Tiffany Trump was mocked for her disjointed and bizarre speech at a sparsely-attended Trump Pride rally in which she promised a “cure for AIDS”,  boasted about having “gay best friends” and got the LGBT+ initialism wrong, conveniently forgetting the T.

“I know what my father believes in, prior to politics he supported gays, lesbians, the L, G, B, Q, I, A, plus, community, OK?”, she said, adding: “My father says there will be a cure for AIDS in the next ten years, and there will be.”

The president’s fourth child was not deterred, and decided to take the lead on a second Trump Pride event near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the weekend with Richard Grenell, who briefly served previously as the interim director of national intelligence and thinks Donald Trump is America’s “most pro-gay president”.

But the mask-optional event didn’t quite go to plan, when a local queer publication leaked the name of the pizza restaurant venue. Interestingly, the restaurant, Domenico’s Ristorante, has previously come under fire for displaying homophobic and Islamophobic signs. 

As queer Republicans squeezed themselves into the pizza restaurant, some queer not-so-Republicans slipped in unnoticed.

During Tiffany Trump’s speech, in which she insisted her dad was working to end the criminalisation of homosexuality around the world, protesters began to shout about the non-existent campaign. 

They were drowned out by chants of “four more years”, before one protester screamed: “F**k you, Richard Grenell!”

As the person was wrestled out by security, more queer protestors began to chant: “Just because you suck c**k, doesn’t mean you’re not a bigot.”


One of the protesters added on Twitter: “This place was completely packed and in no way enforced masks or even made social distancing possible. Y’all they even had communal food being given out.”