Fragile Trump supporter files restraining order after children decorate his street in LGBT+ chalk art

Trump supporter restraining order

A fragile Trump supporter has filed a restraining order against his neighbours, claiming he has been “bullied” after children decorated the street with LGBT+ chalk art.

Michael Mason, of Rocklin, California, has filed a restraining order against his neighbours, alleging they have harassed him for being a Trump supporter and demanding they stay 100 feet away from his house.

According to The Sacramento Bee, Mason and his family moved into a house in the neighbourhood, which they have now covered in Trump flags, in July this year.

Later that month, he wrote in court documents, his neighbours “sent their kids down to my house with chalk, and [they] wrote ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘gay pride’, ‘wear a mask’ and ‘LGBQT'” in the street.

He told the neighbours that he has no problem with gay people but is “not raising [his] kids that way”. He believes the children’s rainbow chalk drawings were “harassment” for his beliefs.

(CBS Sacramento)

Mason wrote in the documents: “I walked to their house and asked them to write this in front of their house not mine.

“They laughed at me and said: ‘Sorry for your beliefs.’ We called and made a police report for this.”

The police arrived, but no action was taken as the chalk was not on Mason’s property.

Mason also alleges that his neighbours stole his Trump sign, and chanted “poor baby” outside his house when Joe Biden was called the winner of the US presidential election. 

He and his family and trying to get out of their lease early so they can move out of the neighbourhood, which Mason described as “super cliquey”.

He told CBS Sacramento: “I didn’t want to do this. They’re making me have to do this.”

A man who lives between Mason and his Biden-supporting neighbours told the local news station that the feud was “absolutely insane”, and added: “2020 has been kind of a crazy year for everybody.”

Mason’s restraining order request was denied by a court Wednesday (11 November), but a hearing is scheduled for November 23.