Jubilant Biden supporters take to the streets to dance to Cher, Village People and more. Yes, they believe in life after Trump

Hundreds of Joe Biden supports grooved to Cher in San Fransisco, California. (Screen capture via Twitter)

As the tension of a drawn-out, days-long election finally ended, a celebration like no other – streets across the US danced with joy to Cher, Dua Lipa, The Village People, Mariah Carey and more after Joe Biden was declared the winner.

Mass celebrations rang out across the country as the president-elect’s victory was secured in the elections, with singers and bands thanking fans for dancing to their tracks after Biden’s triumph.

In San Francisco, Cher’s “Believe” blasted from speaker systems as Biden supporters waved Black Lives Matter and LGBT+, bisexual and trans Pride flags and popped champagne bottles. The singer was one of Trump’s most heated critics, so she really does believe in life after Trump.

Village People celebrate the ‘re-claiming’ of ‘YMCA’ as Joe Biden supporters dance to Trump’s staple campaign song.

Meanwhile, within earshot of the White House, thousands of people in Washington, DC, danced to “YMCA” – the very Village People track that Trump so often used in his campaign rallies, much to the band’s chagrin.

In Philadelphia, similar scenes of scores of jubilant supporters grooving to “YMCA”. Trump signed-off his campaign by uploading a mega-mix of him dancing to the song that is definitely, definitely not about gay sex, cursing all that watched it.

But seeing protesters carrying “Trump Out” pickets has truly cleansed the song, restoring it to its former glory as a gay banger.

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With same done over in New York City.

Even the Village People themselves welcomed the “re-claiming of YMCA”, the band wrote on its official Twitter account.

A gas station in Los Angeles, California, was transformed into a musical as hundreds broke out into song singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You“, because, with the terrifying Halloween season that was the Trump administration over, it really is Christmas now.

this was the first time i heard this song in 2020 and it was absolutely the best possible occasion ? pic.twitter.com/Fb5fd2cDCH

— adri ♛ (@adriofwands) November 8, 2020

Street party-goers in Washington, DC, also broke out into the Carey Christmas classic after grooving to “YMCA”. Carey herself even tweeted that in reaction to the footage: “Wish come truuueeee!”

Dua Lipa thanked the mostly masked fans for dancing to “Don’t Start Now” in New York City, truly a city of taste. “Omfg NEW YORK ILY!!!” she wrote in the Instagram post.

And down in Brooklyn, residents their prayers of a Biden win coming true by dancing to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer”.

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