‘Lockdown Karen’ in Trump 2020 shirt unleashes shocking homophobic venom at maskless COVID conspiracy rally

An anti-lockdown protester wearing a 'Trump 2020' shirt was filmed spewing homophobic slurs at a rally in Los Angeles.

An anti-lockdown protester wearing a ‘Trump 2020’ shirt was filmed spewing homophobic slurs at a rally in Los Angeles.

The group of around 50 COVID-19 conspiracy theorists targeted the home of LA County Department of Public Health director Barbara Ferrer with a protest on Sunday (29 November), in defiance of new restrictions put in place to control coronavirus.

Trump flags and apparel were proudly on display at the maskless gathering, while one protester was filmed lobbing homophobic slurs at a person filming the protest.

The clip, shared by TMZ, shows the woman venting: “You’re a faggot. I said it. I don’t give a s**t. You’re disgusting, you’re a New World Order Satanist.”

After briefly being distracted by other hecklers, she continues: “I wasn’t even talking to you, but yeah, I’ll talk to you, you’re a fag. What are you, a guy or a girl?”

“I’m going to tell you something else. You’re a Nazi and you’re brainwashed by MK Ultra.”

She continued: “Is there something wrong with wanting freedom? You’re such a liberal, I bet you had an abortion this morning, you’re disgusting.”

The woman was dubbed “Lockdown Karen” as the clip went viral, before local beautician Gina Michelle Bisignano identified herself as she complained about being “attacked online”.

In unsurprising news, her public Facebook page is peppered with posts supporting far-right conspiracy theories relating to both the US election and coronavirus.

‘Lockdown Karen’ barraged with negative reviews after homophobic rant.

Bisignano is the owner of Beverly Hills salon, Gina’s Eyelashes and Skincare, and the business has been hammered with negative reviews on Yelp since the clip emerged.

As LGBTQ Nation reports, one user wrote: “Gina gets one star because she thinks COVID and the deaths of healthcare workers is less important than her business of doing eyelashes. Gina hates faggots so this faggot is leaving a one star review all the way from NY. Go f**k yourself Gina.”

Yelp has since disabled the ability to review the business. A disclaimer says: “This business recently received increased public attention, which often means people come to this page to post their views on the news rather than actual consumer experiences with the business.

“We’ve temporarily disabled the posting of content to this page as we work to investigate the content you see here reflects actual consumer experiences rather than the recent events (even if that means disabling the ability for users to express points of view we might agree with).”