Trump-supporting radio host unleashes vile transphobic tirade targeting coronavirus hero Dr Rachel Levine

Conservative radio host Chris Stigall raged at Dr Rachel Levine.

A Trump-supporting radio host has unleashed a vile ten-minute tirade of transphobia at Pennsylvania health secretary Dr Rachel Levine.

Levine has earned praise for her tireless work helping to address the coronavirus pandemic in the state, but the official has also faced repeated vitriolic attacks for daring to exist as a transgender woman.

Conservative radio host Chris Stigall, who has previously appeared as a Fox News guest, used his show on Philadelphia’s 990 The Answer radio station to launch a tirade of horrifying personal attacks targeting Levine on Monday (14 December), calling her every name under the sun across a 10-minute rant.

Stigall spoke out in defence of a local business owner who put up a sign referring to Levine as a “man in a dress”, raging: “They keep trying to make you feel sorry for Cousin It out there, and that’s not going to work. Nobody’s in the mood to talk about the poor put-upon gender-confused health secretary.

“You can keep trying it, but I can assure you you’re just making things worse… you’re not going to get any sympathy.”

Radio host Chris Stigall unleashed a vile transphobic tirade

Reading out and mocking a Erie News Now article that covered the transphobic attacks on Levine, Stigall raged: “Dr Levine’s a man… these people with ‘the feels’, they only have ‘the feels’ about these social engineering experiments, they never have ‘the feels’ about real people leading their lives.

“They can feel real compassion for the freak show health secretary, but have zero compassion for the men and women working for tips to feed their family and put some gifts under the tree this Christmas.”

Referring to women who had condemned the transphobic sign as “a bunch of Karens,” Stigall continued: “What did they find, like 12-year-old girls to comment on this? ‘It’s un-American to make fun of the woman who’s actually a man who thinks he’s a woman running our health department, it’s un-American to make fun of that!’

“No, it’s distinctly, uniquely American to make fun of that. If I had told someone 20 years ago that a man who dresses as a woman would run the health department of Pennsylvania during a pandemic, I’d have gotten belly laughs. No one would have believed it.”

Conservative radio host Chris Stigall has appeared on Fox News before

Conservative radio host Chris Stigall has appeared on Fox News before

The radio host proceeded to play a transphobic joke from Family Guy “to remind everybody how much the PC police have made things suck”.

Stigall’s station also syndicates shows from well-known hardline conservative figures, including former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, and PragerU founder Dennis Prager.

Dr Rachel Levine has faced a surge in transphobic abuse

Levine, who has faced brazen transphobia throughout the crisis despite rarely speaking about her gender identity, faced a surge in abuse in recent weeks after she announced that Pennsylvania would expand its face mask requirements, as she prepares hospitals for a surge in coronavirus cases.

On 2 December Dr Rachel Levine called for unity in the United States and across the world as she accepted the PinkNews Award for Frontline Hero.

“It does not matter where you live, your race, your sexual orientation or your gender identity – you are important,” she said.

“We need to foster a spirit of acceptance, but even more than that, a spirit of welcoming and celebration to everyone to create better healthcare outcomes for all.”