Gay man named ‘dad of the century’ for sharing candid, hilarious sex talk with queer son

Gay son and his gay dad have emotional sex talk during Truth or Drink.

A gay dad and his gay son had a frank and open talk about sex while playing a “Truth or Drink” game – and it’s melting hearts everywhere.

Craig and his partner adopted Austin when he was 13 years old, after he was taken away from his biological family.

The pair share an incredible bond and an openness that means very few topics are limits – as they proved in a frank and funny episode of The Cut’s “Truth or Drink”.

The YouTube series pairs people up and makes them ask each other questions. Several episodes involve family members getting personal, but Craig and Austin’s epic exchange is perhaps the best yet

One question asked Craig: “Do you have any sex advice for [Austin]?”

He responded: “Enjoy it. It’s not bad. It’s one of the most potent and beautiful things two people can share.”

His son joked: “Well, sometimes it’s more than two.”

Gay son was adopted after being rejected by homophobic family.

Later in the interview, Austin shares his heartbreaking story, saying his queer identity was “part of the reason” his biological family “had some issues”.

“My mother was a drug addict and I was taken away from my parents,” he said.

“I was noticeably gay from a very young age – like four or five-years-old, with my biological family… My mum and my biological father were very hateful and homophobic towards me.

“She was like: ‘I hate you, but I have to deal with you.'”

Craig said that it took Austin around a year to really trust him and his partner and begin opening up to his new parents.

“He watched us, he started to trust us, and then he started blooming into this beautiful, amazing, artistic creature” he shared.

No parent is perfect, whether you’re gay or straight.

Later, Craig choked up asking his son whether he thinks he was a good parent.

Austin’s response hit home for many: “No parent is perfect, whether you’re gay or straight. I’m happy for everything that you’ve done for me and I would never change anything about that.

“As of right now, where I’m at in my life, I have never been more happy and more comfortable in my own skin.

“I have always been able to be myself as a result of y’all’s upbringing. I’m very grateful for everything you have done and I love you very much.”

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Many have dubbed Craig the future of fatherhood, saying he is “from 2080” and “if all dads were this caring we would have flying cars by now”.

One added: “This dad came from an alternate universe full of open-minded beautiful people to make our lives better for seven minutes and 10 seconds.”

Many praised Craig as “dad of the century” and “a wonderful man”, with many saying this is what a “perfect” father-son relationship should look like.

Another wrote: “I think it’s amazing how the universe brought them together as a family especially after hearing that his biological parents hated the fact he was a homosexual.”