Luke Evans thinks ‘relationships and break-ups are hard’ after confirming split with boyfriend

Luke Evans in a tuxedo, looking to his right

Luke Evans said “relationships are hard” and “nothing is black and white” after reports that he has broken up with his boyfriend.

In an earlier interview with The Times newspaper, the Welsh Beauty and the Beast actor appeared to confirm months-long speculation that he had called it quits with art director Rafael Olarra.

“It is what it is,” he tersely told the reporter when asked about being single.

Evans responded to the ensuing reports about his relationship status on social media on Monday (11 January). He wrote: “Just to be clear, no one, I repeat, no one, knows what is going on in my personal life from apart from me.

“A simple one-word comment made in an interview does not give gossip magazines anything more than that.

“If they choose to create sensational stories about my personal life, that is their choice, they wanna get hits to their page, I get it.

“But the truth is, they know very little about what’s really going on in my life.

“Relationships are hard, breakups are hard and anything is black and white. Love is a complex animal.

“Peace!” the 41-year-old signed off.

Luke Evans wants to be a dad – even if it means going it alone

Luke Evans had been dating Rafael Olarra for 18 months, regularly sharing snaps on social media but rarely speaking publicly about their relationship.

Luke Evans (R) and his boyfriend, Rafa Olarra. (Instagram)

Luke Evans (R) and Rafa Olarra. (Instagram)

Rumours of the couple splitting were sparked when some of Evans’ 2.8 million followers noticed he had deleted all photos of Olarra from his Instagram.

In the same Times interview that he appeared to confirm the split, Evans spoke candidly about his dreams of starting a family – and said he may yet decide to go it alone.

“I thought about it many times and as I get older I’m thinking maybe I should get on and do it,” Evans said when asked if he would like to have children.

“I don’t want to be an old dad… but I would like to be a dad.

“There’s a lot of satisfaction to passing on your experiences and rearing a strong, open-minded, kind, respectful human being who can go out in the world and do something good.”