Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? player wastes three lifelines on frustrating Tiger King question

A Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? answers a question on Tiger King

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? viewers were left agitated Sunday night (17 January) after a contestant struggled with a straightforward question about Tiger King.

Craig Blackburn used all three lifelines on a question about the show, which simply asked who the “subject” of the docu-series was.

As he was vying for the £1 million jackpot, Blackburn floundered as he admitted he’s never watched the seven-episode-long show which seized humanity with the story of zoo-keeper Joe Exotic, Metro.co.uk reported.

Viewers left screaming at TV screens after contestant struggles with Tiger King question

Let us for a brief moment rewind to March 2020, which both feels like it was only yesterday but also four centuries ago.

You were likely in your first lockdown – it would only last a few weeks, you thought – and decided to stop that pesky existential dread from engulfing your entire being by watching Netflix.

Or, to be exact, the docu-series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. But what was it about? That was the question posed by Jeremy Clarkson to Blackburn.

Blackburn faced four possible answers – “American big cat community”, “failed luxury music festival”, “Cambridge Analytica data hack” and “New York drag queens” – and ended up using all three lifelines to find the answer.

Viewers were at this point screaming “A” at their screens as Craig confessed he’d never watched the show before. He used his 50-50 lifeline to remove two wrong answers – B and C – yet he was no closer to getting the answer.

Blackburn bumbled as he then phoned a pal who also hadn’t even watched the show before. Craig was clueless and turned to Clarkson for help.

Using his Ask The Host lifeline, Clarkson explained he was “gripped” by the series and gave him the right answer.

But the ordeal proved too much for viewers, who took to Twitter to express their shock that someone used all three lifelines for a £4,000 question.

Although, other users sought to stress that not everyone during the earlier days of the coronavirus pandemic had the time to watch the show.