Gillian Anderson dances to Lizzo in full Margaret Thatcher drag with The Crown cast: ‘It was so humiliating’


The Crown fans weren’t supposed to see this, but now they can’t un-see it.

Gillian Anderson, who stars as the former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in Netflix’s The Crown, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss the show. During the interview, she spoke about a funny dance video from the cast which was “never meant to see the light of day”.

“Olivia [Colman] apparently does a dance class in the area that she lives with a bunch of friends, on a regular basis, and the last time she did the class, they had danced to that Lizzo song,” Anderson said.

“She asked if we would happen to be interested in maybe doing it, and she would video it. And then she would share it only with her friends – the other dancers. So it was never meant to see the light of day.”

The humorous video features The Crown‘s cast in full costume performing a choreographed dance to Lizzo’s 2016 hit “Good as Hell”.

The show’s host Seth Meyers attempted to appease Anderson, saying “you guys are really good”. However, Anderson said the video was “so humiliating”.

She added: “The look on my face – there’s such delight and shame.”

Meyers said he thought Anderson “did a better job than Margaret Thatcher would have done”, but “acknowledging that’s a pretty low bar”.

The video garnered mixed reactions from fans with some loving the dance video. Others seemed to agree with Anderson’s take that the video was cringe-worthy.

Fans have also started dubbing other classics over The Crown crew’s dance, including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.