‘Gay Burger’ restaurant selling ‘love me daddy’ patties dripping with ‘gayoli’ is, unsurprisingly, a hit

Gay Burger

A “Gay Burger” restaurant started as a joke by YouTube prankster Elijah Daniel is now delivering “I Like Chicks” burgers and “Extremely Gay Fries” to San Francisco, LA and New York.

Daniel, a comedian who rose to fame when he released the erotic novel Trump Temptations, once bought a town and renamed it Gay Hell to protest Trump’s ban on US embassies flying rainbow flags during Pride month.

He told TubeFilter: “Gay Burger came along as a joke inspired by [the virtual restaurant brand] MrBeast Burger as a creative new way to raise money and help out small restaurants.

“It was originally a joke where I just yelled, ‘I WANT A GAY BURGER CHAIN’ out of nowhere.”

But, he explained, his friend and business partner Katia Ameri surprised him with a fully-formed business plan for his birthday, and Gay Burger soon became a reality.

The menu features items like the “Love Me Daddy” burger, a “studly beef daddy patty” with cheese, pickles, onion, lettuce, and special “gayoli” sauce, and the No More Milk Daddy burger, a “vegan daddy patty” with sliced tomato, onion, pickles and lettuce. The chicken burger is titled “I Like Chicks”.

Sides include “Gay Fries” and “Extremely Gay Fries”, which are topped with caramelised onions, cheese, and bacon.

Gay Burger is a “virtual restaurant”, meaning its food is available only by delivery via DoorDash, Postmates and GrubHub, and is produced in the kitchens of other restaurants.

This means that Daniel has been able to help out small businesses that have suffered financially during the coronavirus pandemic, while also donating all proceeds to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Daniel wrote on Twitter: “You guys OMFG the restaurant that the LA Gay Burger location is [at] was struggling, but today they had to close four hours early because they sold out of all items… He’s such a nice man and he’s so happy, I’m so happy for them OMG.”

Daniel has brought LGBT+ celebrities and influencers on board to help promote Gay Burger, including gay American singer Bryana Salaz, who competed on the seventh season of The Voice.

She wrote on Twitter: “Never in a million years did I think I would be the face of a lesbian chicken sammich.”

The restaurant has thoroughly confused straight people who are unable to reconcile how delicious the food is with the fact that the burgers are gay.

One wrote that the food looked “delicious (no homo)”, while another added: “This is my favourite restaurant to order from when I am in LA. The jizz sauce is to die for – no I’m not gay.”