Britney Spears’ ex-assistant claims singer’s dad Jamie ‘100 per cent’ threatened her life

Jamie Spears in a brown jacket and Britney Spears in a vest smile at the camera

Ending her decade-long silence, the cousin of Britney Spears has alleged that the pop princess’ father Jamie forced her to sever contact with her.

Alli Sims, who worked as Spears’ assistant in the mid-2000s, told NBC News that Jamie was “100 per cent was threatening me with my life” when he called her to demand she cut off ties with Britney in 2008 shortly after she entered her conservatorship.

“I really do believe [Jamie] would have done something if I didn’t remove myself from the situation,” she told the news outlet in the wake of Framing Britney Spears.

“I didn’t put it past him, so I didn’t answer [Britney’s calls again].”

The “Toxic” hitmaker tried to sever Jamie from her life herself last year when she pursued legal action against him with a simple goal: Remove him from her conservatorship.

Since her public breakdown 12 years ago, the star has lived under a complex court arrangement which sees her wellbeing and estate, among other things, controlled largely by her Jamie.

But conservatorship has cast a spectre of constraint on her life that Britney sought to end earlier this year when her attorney moved to suspend Jamie’s involvement. California courts, however, rejected her pleas.

Britney Spears’ cousin ‘misses’ singer and worries about all that she has ‘endured’

After the New York Times documentary aired, which charted the fraught legal battle as well as the fan-driven efforts to “free” Britney from the conservatorship, Sims said: “How do you watch that documentary and be in it and live in that and not say anything when it has gone on for so long?”

She “misses” her cousin, she added, saying: “When I think about how long she has had to endure this and it being 13 years, it just makes me so sad for her.

“I really do hope one day she’s able to tell her story if that’s what she wants to do. If she does, get ready because there’s more to that story than I’m sure anybody could ever imagine.”

The documentary also chronicled the turbulent and highly-publicised breakup of Britney and Justin Timberlake, where interviewees scrutinised his success and profiteering from the musician’s downfall – viewers were quick to join in.

“For it to all fall in her lap and her be blamed for everything was just not right,” Sims said of the treatment Britney suffered after they called it quits.

Fan criticism soon became so intense that Timberlake issued a vague but earnest apology to Spears.

“Wow,” Sims said of the apology. “You know everybody makes mistakes, and he wasn’t perfect.”

PinkNews reached out to Jamie Spears for comment.